Monday, April 18, 2011

Need some inspiration to get your week started? This should take care of it:

What a warm weekend! The OC Chili Runners did awesome! This was our last race of the winter and our trail running peeps excelled. The group started with no experience on Trails and were afraid of snakes, and getting dirty. Now they all have found the magic of running short hilly trails. Everyone is going to spring into the Summer Trail Series at Peters Canyon. Looking forward to finding ways to challenge our running both Veterans and Newbies.

Sunday we had our last long run for the Leona Group. Our first loop was really breathtaking, starting at 6am we had all of el moro to ourselves. We heard packs of coyotes, birds chirping, humming birds, and a double stacked rainbow. We managed to run alot of single track and kept it pretty mellow before linking up with the 8:20am crew. The 2nd loop everyone did fantastic this included newbie Karen, and Donna who just finished running Ragnar Saturday....Elizabeth and John finished strong.... the sun got the better of me on Sunday. However after having a sonic burger power aid slushy- the body is feeling stronger :)

Its Easter Sunday this weekend- so there will be no scheduled run for the groups. Enjoy the time with family and friends. And if you have time come out this Thursday at 6pm at Peters Canyon for a short fun run.


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