Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall is finally here!

It seems like forever since the last post, and i guess it really has been. Since that time I have had a couple surgeries, and am happy to say all better and even started training again! I want to thank everyone for all their love and support! It really helped me and i am so grateful to have such loving friends. Congratulations to everyone that did a race this session! We had first time Half Marathons, Marathons, Triathlons, trail races, and everyone did fantastic! here are some fun recaps...

St. George Marathon

Congratulations to Maria, Brenda and Hilda! You guys did awesome and we are so proud of you!


Long Beach Half Marathon

 Congratulations to Patti, not only for completing her half marathon, but for getting engaged as well! Also, Peggy completed her first Beach Cities when she thought she would ever only do 1 half Marathon! Doreen, congrats, and we are looking forward to seeing your Beach Cities Medal when you complete Surf City!


Whoo's In El Moro 25K and 50K

Congratulations to Kristen and Stephanie for busting it out! You ladies rock!


 Silverman 70.3

Congratulations to everyone that went to Silverman and attempted the beast! We are so proud of everyone! It was a very hot day and the hills were brutal! Finish or not, you are all top notch athletes to me, and i am so proud of each and every one of you!


Thank you for spending your time with us, as we really do enjoy each and everyone of you. It is really a pleasure to watch and experience your lives with you.

Corrinne and Pete