Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Thank you to the men and women who service our country, how we do appreciate all that you do!

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we had a lot of things going on! We had some students do their very own reverse Triathlon, and some veterans as well! Congratulations! You guys rocked the course!

Traci Turner was so fast, she did not have a finishing time! She was like lightning! :)

Elizabeth Fleming Rocked it big time on her new bike!


Kim Degen, the veteran that she is, rocked a fabulous time! She just keeps getting better and better!


Yuki Kashiwabara went out for the first time ever in a triathlon event, and was AWESOME!


Connie Visconte Rocked it with her lightning fast time!


Awesome job you guys! I wish i could have been there to cheer you on, but as you know, i was out at my own race thinking i was going to do my first 100 miler.

Nanny Goat 12/24 hour race is the race i signed up to try to do my first 100 miler.  I was unsure from the beginning if 100 was doable since i have not run anything further than 15 miles since last year.  :)  I have12 been battling asthma and allergies as you guys know, and so it just hasnt been in the cards lately.  I packed and got ready that week before like i was going to do 100 miles non the less.

Race morning came and i felt good, but still unsure of how many miles i could pull out of my hat. It was great to see some familiar beautiful faces and  former students Vikki Clifford aka Sweet Pea (it would be her first 50 mile), and Andrea Kooiman (Going for first 100 mile) at the start of the race.  We all gave hugs and took photos.   Trail races are small, so we were all able to chit chat and start the race together.

At about mile 16 my legs were aching.  I took some Tylenol, and kept pushing.  20 miles my legs were filling with lactic acid.  I had told Andrea, that i didnt think it would happen, but we kept pushing.  Well, i was pushing, and she was breezing through like nothing.  At 32 miles i changed my clothes and wiped down to feel more fresh and try to get a different mental attitude to continue.  It worked, and i ran to 42 miles.  I thought i would stop there, and call it a day, but when i came around the 1 mile loop lap, Kim Degen was standing there to run with me.  :)  Kimmy ran with me (well, mostly we walked) for the rest of the way, and i finished my 50 miles at 11:34.  I decided i had done enough damage to my quads, and listened to my body.  I had a great time, and will do it again next year.  :)

Vikki then finished right after completing her very first 50 miler! She was a Rockstar! She did so great and we are so proud of her! Congrats Sweet Pea!

Andrea Kooiman finished her 100 miles in under the 24 hours! She was so strong the whole way! She was ready! Great job Andrea! We are so proud of you! Andrea also coach's Her Kids for We Rock, and through out the day, her kids were coming and running laps with her.  It was very inspirational, i am sure for her, and her students.  Thanks you guys for helping your coach, she is always there for you, and now you were there for her! Awesome team work!

Thank you to everyone for sending me great wishes and thoughts, i really appreciate all that you guys do! :)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Race Weekend!

Well another week has passed along with another great race weekend! Congratulations to Kim Degen and Michele Neri for completing their first Olympic distance Triathlon, OC Triathlon right here in Mission Viejo!!! Awesome job you guys! 

We started off very early in the morning so we could get our spots in transition and get all of our things organized. We saw lots of friends and got to take some photos. 

It was great seeing Hank from Edge Cyclesports there helping out! Edge Cyclesports is a great support for OC Trail Tales! We Thank you!

Kim was the first to go off in her age group.  Here is Kims time...

22 Degen,Kim 125 39:38 1:51:27 1:37:13 4:08:19.7 478

Awesome job Kim! We are so proud of you!

Michele Neri and I were the next wave, and here is Michele's time...

34 Neri,Michele 309 49:54 1:55:59 1:22:37 4:08:32.2 480

 Michele did  a fantastic job for her first time! Congrats Michele! You ladies rock!

I wish i knew my time, but they unfortunately had timing issues.  Hopefully they will get resolved.

Pete too had a good race, instead of doing the Triathlon, they had a 2.5 mile swim/race that he decided to do.
He also did a fantastic job, but like me, they had timing issues that did not track him.  :(  We are proud of you though
Pete, and how unbelievable to swim that far and without a wetsuit! Great job!

I cant wait to hear all about everyones races next week! We have Fountain Valley Tri, and Laguna Hills Half Marathon!
You guys are keeping us very busy!

Great job everyone, and a big thank you to MaryEllen and Connie for coming out and cheering us on! That was
great to see you guys, and put a big smile on our faces.  :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amazing Athletes!

Well May certainly has been busy for everyone! There seems to be a race every weekend in May!

Congratulations to everyone who ran the OC  Half Marathon and Cinco De Mayo Half Marathon! I can not believe the fantastic times everyone told me they did! I know some of you ran for fun, but some of you went out to get a personal best, and you succeeded! Here are your results...

Ann McQuiston...2:29:16
Bonnie McElroy...1:59:32
Joel Lomboy... 2:03:05
Maryellen Musgrave...2:32:23
Michele Neri... 2:26:34
Patricia Alcantar...2:54:34
Tiana Lefmann...1:59:31
Yuki Kashiwabara...2:31:04
Mike Urratio...2:07:48
Tom Loveless
Amy Loveless 
Barbara Skelly and Estela Rossitto ran Cinco De Mayo! 
Some of you i could not find times, so shoot them at me! We know you did it tho, and are proud!

Whoo's in El Moro results...

Russ Ryness...2:58:17
Diane Majerski...3:04:07
Darlene Piltingsrud...3:05:56
Kelly Broberg...3:07:31
Alayne Cortes...3:37:36
Cindy Laty...3:37:36
Yuki Kashiwabara...3:44:23
Keri Moffitt...4:19:43
Connie Visconte...4:41:44
Ann McQuiston...4:41:45

Congrats you guys! You all did amazing! 

It was really great to see you guys wearing your hats, and shirts, but i especially like the tattoos! Awesome job you guys! Now i just have to remember to scrub the tattoo off before i wear dresses! my mom thought i got a real one, of myself on my leg this weekend! HA!

For the folks that have not raced yet, you are also doing an amazing job with all of your workouts! Your points are adding up and i am so excited to see who will have the biggest total! 

We are so proud of you guys and all your accomplishments. All your hard work that you are putting in yourselves is paying off! Great job!