Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Our very own Coach Corrinne will be out this week and will be recovering from home- she has a bad sore throat. She should be back in action next week.

Last week our Peters Canyon Group had a great run on a new route... for a few of you this was your longest run ever! This week we have another 1hr 20min run... we will run the same route but in the opposite direction (clockwise). Sue will work with the other group on their route. I understand a few of you have half marathons on the books. So lets keep this run fun and social.

For our Holcomb Valley Group run 10-12miles on your own this weekend, some of you have a half marathon. If you are doing the Laguna Hills Half- be sure to stop by our tent at the finish. We will resume the following week perhaps to Mt. Baldy.

Please stay tuned we will be outlining several Fall trail races we have received several inquiries on what's next...you will have a full menu for short and long races :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun Running!

Great job this week everyone!

We had another great Thursday run with our Peters Canyon Group, and everyone did awesome on your mock time trial! I am very happy to say we didn't loose anyone! YAY! We have some very speedy people, and now that I know how fast you are, I am thinking we could have a couple age group winners within our group! Awesome!!! I have all your times marked down and we can compare the next time we do a mock time trial.

I have never gone that route, I have always gone the opposite way. I have to say I think I like it better! :) We have a few other routes to take you through there, and you may get lucky this week, and we may change it up, so be prepared. :)

Holcomb Valley Group, boy did we get wet and muddy or what?! It has been awhile since I got to play in the mud and get high heels, I sure have missed it! It was actually great running weather. You guys rocked it too, and did a bang up job going up I Think I Can. Great!! It was really nice to see some Alumni members that we have missed so much, and hope you guys can come out and join us more often to catch up! :) Cindy I hope your boo boo hand heals quickly and you come play with us more often!

Next week for Peters Canyon, same time same place! Different route. :) Thursday at 6pm.

Next Sunday we have 10 miles to run, and thought the opposite of today would be great! It looks totally different going the other direction. El Moro Ridge Park at 7am!

Great job you guys!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This Weekends Schedule

We had another great turn out on Thursday night for the Peters Canyon Group! Everyone is doing a great job! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves.

For this Thursday we will meet at 5:50pm to be ready to run by 6pm. We have a slightly different route for you guys, and hope you like it! :) Everyone should have gotten their goody bags, shirts, and training plan as well. If you have not, please let me know so we can get that taken care of.

Saturday we will be at our friend Molly's race, "Whoo's in El Moro"! We are going after we coach Snails Pace, so if you were wondering what a 50k looks like, this one is in our own backyard, and you are more than welcome to go have a look to prepare for your race next year! :) She does an awesome job at putting it all together.

Sunday we will be running a 10 mile loop for the Holcomb Valley 15 mile / 33 mile group. For those of you interested in getting more miles, or thinking that you want to do an Ultra, this is a beautiful run. We do it every year, i think this will be my 4th or 5th time, and each time it is spectacular! We will meet at Ridgepark at 7am for a gorgeous 10 miler. Please let us know if you plan to attend so we wait for you. Also, if you are interested in Holcomb Valley, you need to sign up now, they only have 200 spots, and they sell out every year early. :)

This is to inform everyone that Holcomb Valley Trail Run is SOLD OUT!!  They will accept any entries that are postmarked on or before May 12th, but have reached our limit and can’t take any others.


Again, great job everyone! You are all trail runners now! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

UltraMarathon Weekend

What an amazing weekend for OC Trail Tales!!!

Yoli, Donna, Tom, Elizabeth, and John did awesome! We are so excited for all of you and so proud! YAY!! :)

They all faced elements of the wind and heat on the course, and were able to persevere.

We were able to capture and cheer for our group at the Mile 16 drop bag area. Everyone looked happy and in great shape. All of your training really paid off, and everyone was a total Rock Star!

We were able to see everyone finish the race. Words can not express the facial expression of our finishers. What an amazing accomplishment. It's astonishing how we can push the envelop on our bodies. Please rest this week, and next if you can, and really recover. Your bodies will thank you, and don't worry, you will not loose anything. :) We have a plan for your next 50 miler, don't worry. :) and btw...welcome to the club!

Don't forget to come out on Thursday evening at 6pm for a nice 5 mile training run! We forgot to raffle off the Xterra entries, and will do that this Thursday! :) YAY!

Sunday is Mothers day, so we were thinking rest week, especially for the New 50 milers! We have a new group starting for Holcomb Valley, and that will start training. If you are registered for the event- pls run this weekend on your own 7 mile trail run with some hills. We will pick up the group training May 15th with a 10 mile loop in EL Moro at 7am.