Monday, December 3, 2012

OC Trail Tales Winter Session Party

Please join us Thursday Dec 6th for a special night at Road Runner Sports Laguna Hills.

  • Winter Training 2013 Session Starts Jan
  • Plan your season with the Annual Training Plan
    • Plan your 2013
    • Lace up for 26.2 miles or Ultra 50k or 50Miles
    • The first step starts with having a plan designed around you.
  • In Store Prizes and Raffles
  • VIP Savings

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Save the Date- You are invited

Please join us Thursday Dec 6th for a special night at Road Runner Sports Laguna Hills.

  • Winter Training 2013 Session Starts Jan
  • Plan your season with the Annual Training Plan
    • Plan your 2013
    • Lace up for 26.2 miles or Ultra 50k or 50Miles
    • The first step starts with having a plan designed around you.
  • In Store Prizes and Raffles
  • VIP Savings

More details will be sent out soon but please save the date.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OC Trail Tales keeps Running!


You guys just keep going like little energizer bunnies! 

This past weekend we had runners doing their first 50k, 25k, and 10 mile runs! Unbelievable! You have all been working so hard towards your goals, and it makes me so happy to see each of you achieve those goals! You really should be proud of yourselves for sticking to your training plan, being consistent, and following through with what you set out to do! 

I know for some of you, your goal is complete, so congratulations! I know for others, you are just getting started, and these races you have been doing are stepping stones to a larger goal for yourself.  Please remember to be consistent, and listen to your body as to avoid injury. You have all been doing great, congratulations in completing the first task! 

As we move into the Fall and Winter months,Please remember class etiquette. Please remember to keep drinking even though it is colder.  You still need hydration and we don't want to have to carry you out from a trail run from lack of fluids.  Please bring a headlamp to class,trying to share a single bulb is hard to do, you might even need one in the mornings soon.  :)  Dress in layers, and try to bring something dry to change into after our runs.  It is no fun to drive home wet and cold. You might want to bring a towel as well.  Pack your beanies to keep your head warm after as well.  Please don't come to class sick and infect your team members.   Most of all, please be welcoming and friendly to everyone.  :)  We need positive vibes!

Congratulations everyone, you all inspire me with everything you all do!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Field Trips and Races!

Wow, what an exciting month we are having!  I can not believe we are in the middle of October! I have to say, that i am having a great time running with everyone! I time really does "fly" by.

This past weekend, our Ultra endurance group and I got to go on on field trip to Griffith Park/Theatre.  It was most everyone's first time there, including myself.  :)  The group is planning on running the Half Marathon in November, and now probably the 10k as well that same weekend, and we were presented the opportunity to go to this training run, and have Keira, the race director be our personal tour guide for the day.  :)  she was awesome! We ran up to and saw the Hollywood sign, Bat caves (where they filmed the original batman and robin cave scenes), Ran to the Observatory, and saw LA from above! It was really and truly and awesome day for us all.  I was in awe the whole day.  We will be having more field trip days coming soon!

Sunday we had lots of our peeps running the Xterra Point Magu race.  Congratulations to those of you who went out and tore it up! You guys are awesome!

A special thank you to our volunteers at these amazing races...David G. for volunteering at Twin Peaks, Dancois for volunteering at Xterra, Marcy G., for volunteering at Leona.  Without volunteers we would not be able to run the races.  You guys make it all happen, and we appreciate you.  :)

Great job you guys! You make us so proud with everything you do.  :)

Corrinne and Pete

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Congratulations to all the finishers of the past couple of weeks! You guys worked so hard, and we are so proud! Here are some photos for your enjoyment!  YAY!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Timers

Congratulations to everyone who just accomplished their goal run this past weekend! You guys did a fantastic job!

We had Trail 5k first timers, Trail half marathon first timers, and Trail Marathon first timers, but not anymore! 

You got up early on weekends,trained in the hot summer heat, ran tirelessly, ate endless amounts of snot consistent gels, and it totally paid off, because you guys just completed what you set out to do! Congrats!

This past weekend was a real blast for us.  I really enjoyed being out on the course, and actually seeing everyone of you as you were heading back to finish! You all looked great, and fills my heart to hear that you had a great time. I loved seeing your loved ones come out and experience your "first time" with us. I think it gives them a better understanding of what you have been training for, and spending so much time with us for.  They were awesome!

We have so much more fun filled days ahead, and again am so happy to share them with all of you guys.  It has been a super fun summer, and i am looking forward to the winter months now.  :)  


RSVP to our Monday night store run at Road Runner Sports Laguna Hills at 6pm.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer to Fall

What a great Summer Session we had!  You would not know it, but yes Summer is supposed to be over, and we are supposed to be starting our Fall session.  I just hope the heat knows that as well! We have been truly melting on our runs. 

Congratulations to everyone for a fantastic Season.  We had SO many races that you guys did and so many first timers finishing their first 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon, sprint and international distance Tri's.Student's finished their first 1 and 2 mile swims in the ocean (including me for the 2 mile).  We also will have our first time trail Marathon finishers at Leona! We also had 1st, 2cd, and 3rd place winners for some! What can i say, but we are very busy! You all keep us going! We had finishers for....

Holcomb Valley
Taco Tuesday
Peters Canyon
Camp Pendleton
Disney Half
Lulu Lemon
OC Fairgrounds
Mud Run

i could go on and on...Congrats!! You guys worked really hard in the hot heat, and it really shows.  We are super proud.  Hopefully now when the weather changes, we will be able to produce more results.  With the Fall coming so will the darkness, so if you have not done so already, please purchase a Headlamp for our runs at night and our early mornings.  :)  

Order your headlamp from Road Runner Sports Here

We are really looking forward to the Fall session.  Lot's more races to consider are...
Long Beach
Leona Valley Trail Races
Griffith Park
Whoo's In El Moro
Surf City
Ray Miller 50/50

You are invited to our Road Runner Sports Laguna Hills run every Monday night at 6pm.

Great job everyone! You are all really and truly the best, happiest, enthusiastic  bunch.  We love being with you guys! Thank you so much for being friendly and welcoming to our new students!

Corrinne and Pete

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You Are Invited

Road Runner Laguna Hills
24291 Avenida De La Carlota
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Time: 6:00pm


Come get your run on, and sign up for the Fall session for a VIP price. There are raffles and prizes along with our winners for the point system! You dont want to miss out!

In Store Discounts SAVINGS

6pm Run Start

6:45pm Information Session
-NEW Online Workout and Meal Planning
-Walking Program
-Off the couch 5k
-Off Season Triathlon Maintenance Program

NEW Xterra So Cal Training program for both Newbies and Competitive runners.

7:30pm Raffles

NEW Online Workout and Nutrition Plans Available for both Local and Remote Athletes.

-Track all your training, nutrition and metrics
-Plan your entire season
-Upload works from 90+ devices
-Use you iPhone, iPad, or other device
-Track your runs and rides on your iPhone

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2013 Events- Mark your calendars

Good Morning Everyone!
We will continue to add some of our favorites to this list. But this is a Great Overview what our focus will be on in 2013...
We will have a informational session Sept 10th @6pm
Road Runner Sports Laguna Hills
Questions? Email us

Jan 2013
  • Winter Trail Run Series
  • HURT 100
  • Tinkerbell
Feb 2013
  • OC Chili Trail Race
  • Surf City Half Marathon

March 2013

April 2013

May 2013

June 2013
  • Peters Canyon Trail run #1
  • Ironman CDA
July 2013
  • Peters Canyon Trail run #2
Aug 2013
Sept 2013
  • Leona Trail Race Series
Oct 2013

Nov 2013
  • Turkey Tri- Renegade
Dec 2013
  • Xterra Crystal Cove
  • Make Room For Santa

Monday, August 27, 2012

Xterra Crystal Cove Trail Running Program

Informational Session at Road Runner Sports Laguna Hills
Monday Sept 10th @6pm


What is Xterra Crystal Cove Trail Race?
6k and 15k Trail Race in El Moro State Park
Sunday Dec 9th

Race Details

Xterra Trail Running PROGRAM INCLUDES

• Support of 2-3 coaches w/diverse running experience
• Weekend Long Runs with Team
• Road & Trail Workouts 
• Training Schedule (Weekend Build OR Comprehensive Day by Day Program)
• Social Events 

NEW Online Workout and Nutrition Plans Available for both Local and Remote Athletes.
  • Track all your training, nutrition and metrics
  • Plan your entire season
  • Upload works from 90+ devices
  • Use you iPhone, iPad, or other device
  • Track your runs and rides on your iPhone

• Race Plan Planning
• Time Trials & Recommended Training Races
• Support & Info Through Email, Phone & Facebook
• Clinics (Nutrition, Form, Core/Stability, etc.)

Weekend Long Runs are focused on helping each runner become a more balanced runner. On the roads, we'll work on foot speed, impact conditioning and specific pacing and while on the trails we'll work on mental and physical toughness, power and stabilizing muscle strength.

Monday Night Runs also known as the Social Runs are community runs open to all.  These runs are always on the road starting from Road Runner Sports Laguna Hills. 

Wednesday Night Runs are specialty workouts that alternate between hill repeats, tempo paced runs, time trials and more.

Clinics are lead by coaches and other industry professionals to help you break through old challenges, teach you to properly hydrate, fully replace electrolytes, get adequate calories, and pace yourself. Other clinic focuses include core work, proper running form and breathing techniques.

Friday, August 24, 2012

New Tinkerbell and Surf City Training Program in OC

Accomplish Your Running Goals with the help of OC Trail Tales

Group Training Information Session at Road Runner Sports Laguna Hills

Monday Sept 10th @6pm- RSVP


In Store Discounts, Raffles, Food and Drinks

Your Training Starts Sept 17th

NEW Online Workout and Nutrition Plans Available for both Local and Remote Athletes.

  • Track all your training, nutrition and metrics
  • Plan your entire season
  • Upload works from 90+ devices
  • Use you iPhone, iPad, or other device
  • Track your runs and rides on your iPhone


For many runners, the Surf City Half Marathon and Tinkerbell half marathon will be the longest event they have ever attempted and the goal is to finish the race. The ‘Beginner Program’ is designed for runners who want to build their mileage so they can comfortably complete the 13.1 distance. Beginner runners can use a walk/run combination for the prescribed time. The ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ programs are aimed at experienced runners who would like to utilise speed sessions to maximise their performance in the race. Runners who are new to speed work should follow the Intermediate Program.

Training Session TypesFour types of training sessions are utilised in the training programs: Easy Runs, intervals, tempo runs and hills. Most runners should aim to run their speed-work sessions near their current 5km race pace. 

Easy Runs:Building mileage and increasing the length of aerobic training runs are the best ways to improve aerobic fitness and distance running ability.
Easy runs and long runs should be run at a controlled comfortable effort. If feeling good, it is fine to push the pace, but it is important for recovery that easy and recovery runs are below threshold effort. Experienced runners should run most of their recovery runs at a “conversational pace”, that is, at an effort that allows the runners to easily carry out a conversation if needed.

Interval Sessions:The interval sessions in the programs aim to improve maximal oxygen consumption, neuromuscular fitness and running economy – three important predictors of distance running performance. Runners should aim to complete the interval sessions at 5km pace for longer reps (3-5mins) and slightly faster for shorter reps (2mins and under). Recoveries can consist of a walk or jog and the emphasis is on the quality of the hard efforts. A warm-up of 10-20 minutes should precede the session and a warm-down of the same length should follow.

Tempo Runs:The tempo runs prescribed in the programs should be completed at around race pace/effort. In addition to raising the runner’s anaerobic threshold, the tempo runs also help runners become accustomed to running at their goal race pace. It is recommended that a 10-20 minute warm-up precedes the session and a 10-20 minute warm-down follows.

Hill Sessions:Hill sessions have been described as “speed work in disguise” because they build strength and endurance as well as working on cardiovascular fitness. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

You know your a trail runner if...

Hi Everyone
After reading thru any of the below sounds appealing to you on some level. I would like to invite you to our Fall Kick off event Sept 10th. More details will be posted soon.
Some Highlights will include:

  • training for your first Short trail race (6k/15k) Xterra Trail Race
  • training for your first 50k (Leona Divide 2013)
  • training for your first 50 Miler (Leona Divide 2013)
OC Trail Tales can provide a methodical way to train and finish any of the above goals.
Our group runs are organized, the group members are friendly and welcoming too!
Send us a email should you have any questions.

  1. Your wife tries to introduce you to your three children and you reply "Three?"
  2. You spend more time in the drug section than the food section of the local market.
  3. You wonder why they don't make all running socks a dusty brown color.
  4. You have more dirt on your shoes than in your garden.
  5. You think that flagel and ibutrophin belong on the breakfast table.
  6. You get more phone calls at 5:00 AM than at 5:00 PM.
  7. You don't recognize your friends with their clothes on.
  8. You have more buckles than belts.
  9. You postpone your wedding because it will interfere with your training.
  10. You keep mistaking your boss for Norm Klein.
  11. 6am is sleeping in.
  12. Your feet look better without toenails.
  13. Your idea of a fun date is a 30-mile training run.
  14. You're tempted to look for a bush when there's a long line for the public restroom.
  15. You don't think twice about eating food you've picked up off the floor.
  16. You can expound on the virtues of eating salt.
  17. You develop an unnatural fear of mountain lions.
  18. When you wake up without the alarm at 4AM, pop out of bed and think "lets hit the trails".
  19. When you can recite the protein grams by heart of each energy bar.
  20. You don't even LOOK for the Porto-sans anymore.
  21. Your ideal way to celebrate your birthday is to run at least your age in miles with some fellow crazies.
  22. Your ideal way to have fun is to run as far as you can afford to with some fellow crazies.
  23. You know the location of every 7-11, public restroom, and water fountain within a 25-mile radius of your house.
  24. You run marathons for speed work.
  25. You have more fanny packs and water bottles and flashlights than Imelda Marcos has shoes.
  26. You visit a national park with your family and notice a thirty-mile trail connecting where you are with the place your family wants to visit next, which is a 100-mile drive away, and you think "Hmmmm".
  27. Someone asks you how long your training run is going to be and you answer "seven or eight ... hours".
  28. People at work think you're in a whole lot better shape than you think you are.
  29. You actually are in a whole lot better shape than you think you are.
  30. Your weekend runs are limited by how much time you have, not by how far you can run.
  31. You always have at least one black toenail.
  32. You buy economy-sized jars of Vaseline on a regular basis.
  33. You tried hashing, but felt the trails were too short and easy.
  34. You think of pavement as a necessary evil that connects trails.
  35. You rotate your running shoes more often than you rotate your tires.
  36. Your friends recognize your better dressed in shorts than in long pants.
  37. You really envied Tom Hanks' long run as Forest Gump.
  38. You carry money around in a zip lock bag because store clerks complained that your money's usually too sweaty.
  39. Any time a plain old runner talks about her aches and pains, you can sympathize because you've already had that at least once.
  40. You put more miles on your feet than on your rental car over the weekend.
  41. You don't need to paint your toenails; they're already different colors.
  42. You start planning the family vacation around races, and vice-versa.
  43. When you start considering your next vacation location on the merits of its ultras only.
  44. You spend you entire paycheck on running gear, ultrabars, and entry fees.
  45. You miss a work deadline cause you just had to have that "one more minute" on-line writing to the list.
  46. You become a quasi-expert on different detergents so as to not "hurt" your tee shirts.
  47. You leave work early to hit the trails.
  48. You wear t-shirts based on if you've had good work outs when you've worn them before.
  49. Have a trail shoe collection that would make Imelda Marcos envious.
  50. You walk up the stairs and run down them.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Inspirations

We have had some great new accomplishments this week!  Thursday was the last of the summer Peters Canyon Series, and boy did you all do a great job! I think I heard most of you say you had a personal best.  :).  For those of you that did not have a personal best, or it was your first time, remember, you are out doing it, and that in itself is an accomplishment! I know a bunch of you won prizes as well! Great job everyone!

Saturday Traci, Kim, and Yuki had Camp Pendleton Triathlon! Way to go ladies, you guys rocked it! Both Traci and Yuki have come such a long way in their training.  They both came from barely swimming and no bikes, to ocean swimming, and new bikes that they are kicking butt on!  Kimmy just keeps getting better and better. When she came to us 4 years ago, she really was not "running", let alone kicking booty in Triathlons! Kim, we are so proud of you and your dedication to yourself. It takes so much focus and discipline to accomplish what you are accomplishing, and I admire that.

Sunday Jessie, MaryEllen, and Than participated in the  OC Fair  fun 5k! I know some of you have not participated in a 5k yet, but you are well on your way. We love 5k's, along with all the other races, and even though they are short, they are tough.  People know they are short so they run faster and harder. So, for the first time 5k'r it can be intimidating.  Not to worry though If you have any questions, these guys have done many, and i am sure can give you some good tips.  :) Great job and Congratulations you guys!

Sunday, we also had some people break their own mileage barriers! Congratulations to all of you first time 20 mile trail runners.  It was a hot day, and i know how hard it was.  You all did fantastic!

I would like to welcome back Rhonda Mahacek.  Rhonda was in a car accident, and was home recovering for quite some time.  Rhonda came back to class Monday, and did the walking class I heard fantastically! We have all missed you, and are all so happy you are making such a good recovery! Rhonda has signed up for Tinkerbell Marathon, and i encourage everyone to please encourage her along in meeting her goal at the beginning of the year.  :)

Please check out our new tab on the right hand side of the blog called Tales and Testimonials.  Just click on the photo, and read the tales or testimonials from your fellow OCTT members.  This is the reason we named ourselves "trail tales", and now i think have had students long enough to write their own "tales".  If you would like you story told here, please just send me an email, and photo, and i will post it.  :)  You get extra points as well.  :)  

Thank you for being the best! You all are such inspirations to us, and make us want to improve ourselves everyday.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

March Madness Starts Now

We just thought it was worth re-posting this based on the feedback from our members- this calendar of events has been posted on our website since Feb of this year. It is located on the home page of our website. Our website is Races we are training for 2012. The New 2013 will be posted in Sept. Thank you for your consideration.

OC Trail Tales has an aggressive list activities to keep you active thru the Spring :)

We will be hosting a new training run at Quail Hill on Wednesday at 6pm starting Feb 29th.
details here.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Breaking records!

Wow, you guys seem to be getting faster and faster! Every time I turn around someone is breaking their own record and getting a great time in a race! Congrats you guys! You are putting in the hard work and it is showing! 

Here are your Taco Tuesday race results...(sorry if i missed someone)

Tiana 2nd AG Finish

Bonnie 3rd AG Finish

Nicole 4th AG

Kim 5th AG

Mary 8th AG

Rhonda 2nd AG

Darlene 3rd AG

Lisa 4th AG

Lisa 7th AG

Elizabeth 2nd AG

Connie 2nd AG


Itryathlon Results...

Relay with Bonnie, Tiana, and Becky...
Time: 1:02:56 Relay Team 1st place

1:20 Time 18th Place AG

1:36 1st AG

1:34 37th AG

1:52 47th AG
Awesome Job Everyone! Congratulations! I know for some of you, that was even your first Tryathlon, and some of your first trail races as well.  Just getting out and being a part of the events are fantastic, you all are strong athletes! :)
Being the fastest is not our ultimate goal here, although we love it when we see you guys achieve so much, and are happy for you.  We are here for everyone.  Brand new, off the couch, walkers, everyone.

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”  Zig Ziglar  I am glad you all started.  :)  

Everyone has done a fantastic job so far, and i wanted to share a couple photos from this weekend...Lisa Guedes first trail fall...   You were a tough cookie, and finished your run! Awesome job!

Kim Degen took a fall as well, and way to go Kimmy, you busted out a great run Sunday too.  :) I hope you guys are felling better.  

For the coming Fall session we will be training for Xterra Crystal Cove, Whoo's in El Moro, Griffith Park Trail Races.  Just to give you an idea what is ahead.  :)  Fun and exciting stuff!