Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OC Trail Tales keeps Running!


You guys just keep going like little energizer bunnies! 

This past weekend we had runners doing their first 50k, 25k, and 10 mile runs! Unbelievable! You have all been working so hard towards your goals, and it makes me so happy to see each of you achieve those goals! You really should be proud of yourselves for sticking to your training plan, being consistent, and following through with what you set out to do! 

I know for some of you, your goal is complete, so congratulations! I know for others, you are just getting started, and these races you have been doing are stepping stones to a larger goal for yourself.  Please remember to be consistent, and listen to your body as to avoid injury. You have all been doing great, congratulations in completing the first task! 

As we move into the Fall and Winter months,Please remember class etiquette. Please remember to keep drinking even though it is colder.  You still need hydration and we don't want to have to carry you out from a trail run from lack of fluids.  Please bring a headlamp to class,trying to share a single bulb is hard to do, you might even need one in the mornings soon.  :)  Dress in layers, and try to bring something dry to change into after our runs.  It is no fun to drive home wet and cold. You might want to bring a towel as well.  Pack your beanies to keep your head warm after as well.  Please don't come to class sick and infect your team members.   Most of all, please be welcoming and friendly to everyone.  :)  We need positive vibes!

Congratulations everyone, you all inspire me with everything you all do!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Field Trips and Races!

Wow, what an exciting month we are having!  I can not believe we are in the middle of October! I have to say, that i am having a great time running with everyone! I time really does "fly" by.

This past weekend, our Ultra endurance group and I got to go on on field trip to Griffith Park/Theatre.  It was most everyone's first time there, including myself.  :)  The group is planning on running the Half Marathon in November, and now probably the 10k as well that same weekend, and we were presented the opportunity to go to this training run, and have Keira, the race director be our personal tour guide for the day.  :)  she was awesome! We ran up to and saw the Hollywood sign, Bat caves (where they filmed the original batman and robin cave scenes), Ran to the Observatory, and saw LA from above! It was really and truly and awesome day for us all.  I was in awe the whole day.  We will be having more field trip days coming soon!

Sunday we had lots of our peeps running the Xterra Point Magu race.  Congratulations to those of you who went out and tore it up! You guys are awesome!

A special thank you to our volunteers at these amazing races...David G. for volunteering at Twin Peaks, Dancois for volunteering at Xterra, Marcy G., for volunteering at Leona.  Without volunteers we would not be able to run the races.  You guys make it all happen, and we appreciate you.  :)

Great job you guys! You make us so proud with everything you do.  :)

Corrinne and Pete

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Congratulations to all the finishers of the past couple of weeks! You guys worked so hard, and we are so proud! Here are some photos for your enjoyment!  YAY!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Timers

Congratulations to everyone who just accomplished their goal run this past weekend! You guys did a fantastic job!

We had Trail 5k first timers, Trail half marathon first timers, and Trail Marathon first timers, but not anymore! 

You got up early on weekends,trained in the hot summer heat, ran tirelessly, ate endless amounts of snot consistent gels, and it totally paid off, because you guys just completed what you set out to do! Congrats!

This past weekend was a real blast for us.  I really enjoyed being out on the course, and actually seeing everyone of you as you were heading back to finish! You all looked great, and fills my heart to hear that you had a great time. I loved seeing your loved ones come out and experience your "first time" with us. I think it gives them a better understanding of what you have been training for, and spending so much time with us for.  They were awesome!

We have so much more fun filled days ahead, and again am so happy to share them with all of you guys.  It has been a super fun summer, and i am looking forward to the winter months now.  :)  


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