Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I sure have missed everyone! I cant wait to catch up with you all and see what has been going on!

For the New Year we have great things planned! We have had a lot of requests from friends to please do a smaller version of the trails training with less miles, and so we have teamed up with the race director of OC Chili Winter Trail Series, and are doing just that.

"OC Chili Winter Trail Run Series will keep you motivated to stay fit during the chili winter months with a scenic 5 mile run through O'Neil Regional Park." Races are 2-12-11, 3-12-11, and 4-16-11.

This is an 18 week training plan beginning January 8th, and a great introductory to trails. We will meet on Saturdays at 9am in O'Neil Park. Fees are $125.00 and include shirt, goody bag, buff goodies, and of course your training plan. This is the meeting spot of the OC Chili Run (Link) . Getting There- Take Santa Margarita Pkwy make a LEFT at Avenida De Las Flores. Make a Left at El Camino Montana parking will be along the right hand side just a few blocks.

For the folks that have been with us and want to continue on for longer runs on Sundays, our Race is Leona Divide 30k, 50k, and 50 miler! This is an awesome race, one of my favorites, and an absolute beauty!

We have your 20 week program all ready for you, and we will meet Sundays at 7am beginning January 9th. We would also like to have Leona group meet on Saturdays if you would like with the OC Chili Group. We will go back to our old stomping grounds in El Moro, and have a couple of road trips. Fees are $125.00 and include the same as before, except for if returners (you get a discount) Also, if you have run a 50 mile race and trained with our group, you no longer need training or need to pay, so please come run the trails with us and be a mentor for our newbies. :)

Have a great New Year, and we hope to see you soon!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Looking Ahead

As the end of the year comes to a end we look at what we accomplished, and we look forward to the new year. It's at this time we start creating new goals or milestones for ourselves to have that feeling of accomplishment.

Since Northface we have been resting and wrapping up our snails group goal race, Make Room for Santa which was held last Sunday.

As of now Whiting is Closed :( sooo sorry guys so we will not run at 7am...

Since we will not be meeting please keep us updated on what you have been up to and your plans for next year. Everyone has been truly inspirational and has had a positive impact on the Trail Tales.

As we look ahead here are some some races to consider as you are planning next year. We have partnered with Book that Event in hosting training run for the OC Chili Series. The Chili series is a 4-5 mile trail run held in O'Neil Park. The races will be held 2/12, 3/12, and 4/12- We will be hosting training runs on Saturdays at 9am! Yes, 9am for those that love to sleep in. You can expect to run for about 1hr :)

For a longer distance consideration- you may want to check out Leona Divide- There are plenty of awesome choices to pick from. 50 mile, 50k (30mile), and now 30k (18.6mile), this course is amazing... if you love single track runs this run is for you. This was my first 50 mile race- I would like to share with you my race recap with highlights from the race from my point of you. Also here is incomplete video of collection of photos from the time we started training together.

You can expect several new things in the next session- Several running opportunities to connect with the group during the week. We will be hosting group track workouts on Wednesday, Saturday runs at 9am (short distance) and Sunday's at 7am for the long stuff.

We will also have a few speaking work opportunities on Jan 26, at REI Tustin and the 27th at Huntington beach at 6:30pm :)
You can view most all this and more on our public calendar

Monday, December 6, 2010

Northface Endurance Challenge 50k!

I am so glad we decided to do the Northface Endurance Challenge. My body doesn't like me right now, but it is the most beautiful course! I am looking forward to doing it again, minus the rain and mud! :) For those of you who didn't do it this year, trust me when I say, you must put this one on your bucket list! I have also learned, we must do more hill work for this race. :) But let us start from the beginning...

We left Thursday morning to get up to see my sister and kids who lives in San Jose, and spend a night with her. We had lots of time to take our time and have a nice drive and do lots of pit stops. Sue had fun, and took a nice nap...

We had lunch at Harris Ranch, Pete stopped at a rest stop for the first time in his life, and made it to my sisters before the kids needed to be put down for the night. She had a great dinner with wine and everything waiting for our arrival. SO SWEET! It was really a great visit, but too short. The best thing though is that we have a new member, my niece Alyce Mae Namimatsu! Isn't she so cute in her buff and cuff?!

Friday morning we headed up to San Fransisco to the packet pickup. I did great I have to say with all the driving and parking in the city, cause sometimes (mostly) that is a pain in the ass. We all got our great packets, and then Pete had said he had never been on a cable car or been to Pier 39, so that's what we did for the rest of that day...

That evening was time to find our hotel in Tiburon and settle in for the evening so we could get up and have a great race the next morning. But first, a bit more site seeing....

Race morning came oh to soon, and not enough sleep as usual for a race morning. the coffee woke Sue up (by the way she didn't have to be up until 8 am cause her race didn't start until 9)
Sorry Sue. But we found the shuttles no problem, got to the race no problem, handed out Odwalla products, no problem, and then found Esteban, Shelly, and Kristin!! YAY!

The race started and WOW what a beautiful course. Really an awesome run. There is a little bit of everything in this race. The one thing I wasn't counting on was the rain and mud, along with the tremendous amount of climbing! Everyone did an outstanding job at this race, and you should ALL be SO proud! This was the hardest 50K Pete and I have ever done hands down. Sue has done a ton of races, and she says the Marathon was by far the hardest Marathon she has ever done. So for you first timers, it wasn't easy baby, but you all did it! YAY! WHOA!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catalina Marathon

Catalina Marathon!

Wow, where do i begin? Our quirky house we stayed at, or the start of the Marathon that we missed? :) Yes, we missed the start of the Marathon! Can you believe it? We were busy taking pictures and so relaxed about the start that we missed it! HA! So...

It was a beautiful day! So clear that we were able to see San Clemente Island! Unfortunately though it was hot too! What is it with these hot runs? Man! The route was hard, it was hot, but the company was awesome and so was the views.

Our creature feature selection for the weekend was great! The best was the Bald Eagle that flew above Korrin, Pete and myself! On the way back on the ferry we got to see dolphins and sea lions. The Girabaldi were fun to feed on the pier as well!

I hope everyone had a great time, i really enjoyed our time together and getting to know everyone even more. It was alot of fun. Thank you for sharing your time with us. I hope you recap your weekend back with us so we can hear about your experience as well. I love to hear all about everyone's time, so please share when you get a chance. :)

For this weekend, Saturday can meet at Snails Pace at 12:00pm for those of you that are helping with Los Pinos. You can follow me or tag along in your car. We are scheduled from 1 to 5pm.

Sunday, we will be back at our old stomping grounds in El Moro at 7am for a 12 mile loop for all to enjoy on Sunday. :)

For the People doing Northface Endurance Challenge, It is coming up around the corner! I hope you have all registered for your race, and have made your hotel reservations. If not, please let me know, and I can make the reservations for your room for you, but you need to hurry they are selling out! The host hotel is already booked.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chantry Birthday Run

Thank you Esteban, Sue and of course Pete, for waking up early and coming to my Chantry Birthday run.  :)  It was a lot of fun, and my absolute favorite run.  Esteban, you did great as usual, and busted it out! Sue, I am glad you got your long run in before New Zealand, and I hope you are having a great time there now! I have no creature feature cause Estaban was too fast, and Buddy scared everything off!  :)

For this weekend, remember Pete and I will not be there, along with Amy, Tom, Esteban, Yolanda, Korrin, and Kristin.  We all will be running the Catalina Eco Marathon! So for those of you who didn't sign up and will be doing a training run, the mileage is...20 to 26 miles for the 50k'rs, and 12 miles for the 25k'rs. If you have not already done so, you should all plan to meet at El Moro at the regular time of 7am.  :) Sleep in sleepy heads! Have that couple of beers the night before!

We will see you all next weekend when we get back to show off our new medals, and shirts.  :)

Don't forget Also that next Saturday is Los Pinos, and we will be helping from 1 to 5 pm! I have Tom and Amy, Korrin, Myself, Pete, and I think Skip?? Who else would like to join in on the fun Celebrating the Inaugural Race and runners finishing this awesome hard ass course?!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sundays Whippings

Good morning Ultra Runners!

Okay, well to start off I would like to apologize to any of you who are severely slashed, scraped, and bloody from the trail yesterday. :) I look like i have been caned or something. We did not know that trail would be so overgrown as it was. I have to give everyone props for 1st showing up on time, and getting our early start in the brisk morning, and toughing out not only that overgrown trail from hell, but the brutal climbs it has to offer as well. It is not an easy trail. For the 25k'rs, you got in 12 miles! Awesome! For the 50k'rs who went to the bottom of the steep hill from hell to the river raveen, that was 19.2 miles total, and Esteban, Donna, and Kristen, you guys did about 21-22 miles. Great job everyone! I know it was a physically and mentally challenging day for everyone. You all did such an awesome job!

Our creature feature that popped out in front of Korrin! Way to go in spotting this bad boy (or girl)!

Also in our creature feature section, I did happen to come across a tick or two, on me! ewe! I even got to see some sort of Kitty cat scouching under the brush! Always awesome to see little mountain lions or bobcat! Another reason to stay in groups as well so we aren't alone when we do find ourselves face to face with the wild. :)

I hope during our runs on Sundays you are all taking advantage of doing the things you will be doing on race day. What you will be eating and what agrees with your tummy, what you will be wearing so as to not chaf or blister, burn etc. Building your endurance, not speed are the key things on longer runs. Speed should be dealt with during the week. Everyone should be working on their nutrition before, during, and after the runs! Really important. Hydrating and electrolytes, salt, etc. Please if you are not sure about something ask us, we may not have all the answers, but we will find out for you.

Speaking of nutrition and hydration, we need to place a Hammer order, if you would like anything please let us know by tonight so we can get the order in and hopefully by this weekend for you.

This weekend don't forget, we will be heading out to Chantry, one of my favorite runs! We will meet at 5:20am at Starbucks (57fwy exit Imperial) when you exit the fwy go directly across the street in the parking lot. Everyone will do 1 loop of 10 miles. :) It should be a great weekend for this, and remember it will take a good portion of the day to drive there, run, and drive back. :)
Here is a map of Chantry and our Run Route.

Thanks Guys, Great Job!

Friday, October 29, 2010

30 percent chance of change of venue for Sunday....

Hi I hope everyone is enjoying their week. Yes as of now- the plan is to run out in El Moro on Sunday... however there is a 30 percent chance of rain tmr... I called the state park and it is open today... he said if its a lite drizzle or lite rain the park will remain open... However if its heavy rain then we can't run at El moro and the park will be closed.
Plan A- El Moro
Plan B- "field trip"
We will meet at Snails Pace Laguna Hills @ 5:50am (24741 Alicia Parkway #K, Laguna Hills, CA 92653).
We will carpool to a place called the Candy Store, its off Ortega Hwy. For those that have a time issue you can follow us to the Candy Store... if you can not make please email us back that way we don't wait around. Feel free to email or txt me @ 714-651-3632

See you Sunday!
o ya we have some Catalina Coupons for the boat ride its 7.50 dollars off... we will bring them on sunday to pass out to the group.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Trail Tales Gets Dirty!

Great job on getting dirty on Sunday! Everyone did great for our first mud run! YAY! I have to say it felt like I had 10 pound weights on each leg! I guess I need the workout. :)

I loved seeing all the animal tracks in the mud and our creature feature from John Wayne's old cabin!

I am mailing in our Catalina entries this morning! So those of you who still wanted in, you are on your own since yesterday was the deadline. I am also booking the house today, and those of you that told me you wanted to stay in the house, I need your payment to pay them and hold the spot. I do have 1 bed left in the house if you want to join us, so let me know! $75 for 2 nights is a great deal!

Northface...Will be here sooner than you think! I need to know who would like me to book them a room for Northface in Union Square. Otherwise, I will assume you are taking care of your own reservations, and figuring out your way to and from the race as well.

This weekend We have 12 miles for the 25k group and 20 miles for the 50k group. We will assume that the rain will stop and be meeting again in El Moro at 6am for the 50k group and a nice 8:20ish am start for the 25k group. That way the 50krs can get a 10 miler in, and then another loop with everyone. :) the 25k group can go an extra 2 miles and if the 50k group is feeling good, extend theirs too.

Next weekend Sunday the 7th is my Birthday weekend, and I choose Chantry for Sundays run. It is an awesome run, my absolute favorite, and we all have 10 miles, so it is a perfect choice, and my birthday choice. If you have a birthday choice for your birthday, let us know so we can work that in the schedule too! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

OC Trail Tales ramps up the mileage this weekend.

Everyone did a amazing job last weekend and dealing with the weather conditions.

This weekend we will have the 50k group run 20 miles and the 25k group run 10-12 miles...
we will run from Dove Canyon aka Bell Canyon to Casper's at this turnaround there will be water and a bathroom. For the 50k group please carry at least 60oz of water in your packs- carry some extra electrolyte powder in your bag and use it in your hand held. Lets meet at 6am and get cracking this time! this is a long run and people do have other family commitments so lets be courteous and be prompt.

2 optional 2 start times
Easy pace start 6am
Brisk pace start 6:20 am
Please let us know which group you plan to start at thank you.
Also here is a amazing yoga free video link you should try to get the kinks out....

Click Here

Also Los Pinos 50k race is on tap...we need some volunteers for the finish line.
We will be handing out medals as runners finish this hard race, and feeding them.
We are looking for people from 1pm to 5pm- you will receive a free shirt for your time.
The date is Nov 20. Please submit to us your name and shirt size.

One last thing we need your applications for Avalon Eco Marathon asap... please bring it to the run this Sunday. We need to make our Final Room reservations for the race- so we need to firm commitments for those that want to go. The House that we are getting sleeps 8 and will be $75 per person for a 2 night minimum. So far people in the house are 1.Corrinne, 2. Pete, 3. Esteban, 4. Yolanda. There are only 4 more spots in this house, so let us know ASAP! Corrinne needs to pay upfront. Thank you

Here is the map...

View Dove Canyon-Waterfalls in a larger map

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tougher Running Routes for OC Trail Tales

Good Morning-
I hope everyone found their legs on Monday. I know Sunday's run was tough and adding the heat made it much more difficult for everyone including myself. I feel that everyone did awesome with taking salt and gels at the right time. What I need to do is make sure people don't get lost. Since we all have hydration packs it would be a good idea to carry a map. Here is a link where you can download and print a map of el moro.

We are about 3.5 weeks away from the Catalina Eco Marathon and we need your applications if you plan to go... if you can't make it please let us know... and we need your checks for the class as well... this includes Korrin, Estaban, Donna, Tony, and Silvia.

Moving on to this weekend- lets meet at cooks again this time at 5:45am... yes Early Start- 50k runners we have a long 16mile run. and for the 25k folks we have 8-10 miler. The temps will be cooler... please come prepared there are NO water stops along the way and NO potty stops... please bring at least 64 oz of water for the 25 group and at least 110 oz for the 50k group (hydration pack and 2 water bottles). Should you have any questions please feel free to email us...o ya please bring your headlamp for the first 25 min of the run it will be dark but we will all enjoy a beautiful sunrise together...

Map to Cooks Corner---

View Larger Map

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cooler Weather in El Moro

It felt great getting out for this weekends run and NOT having the sun! It was still sticky and warm, but at least it wasn't HOT like last weekend! Great job everyone! You all did an awesome job!

Those of you doing Catalina Eco Marathon, just a reminder that I need your applications, and I need to turn them in soon. The applications are in your goody bags, remember we get a $15 discount for the Marathon. If you haven't gotten your goody bags, its because you have not paid. :) You can bring a check this coming Sunday to the run. Speaking of Catalina, for those of you wondering what the course may be like, it is very similar to El Moro. The fire trails, single track and rolling hills.

I want to tell you all a story that most of you will understand why after you read the story...When I started running ultras and training, I decided for my first Ultra I would like to run Tahoe Rim. I will never forget the day of the race. I was all by myself there, and then ran into someone I knew. She said..."Corrinne, you are running this? Omg, arent you new to running? You sure know how to pick them!" I thought, hmmmm....what is she talking about? Well, as we started the race, I saw guys barfing after a few miles, and thought, ugh o, maybe there is something wrong, and I shouldn't have picked this one for my first. I ended up having a hard but very good race, and even though it took me 8 hours and 52 minutes or so, I enjoyed most everything about that day, and can remember everything about the entire race today. Had she have told me that before I decided to pick the race to do, I probably would not have done it, because it would have intimidated me, and it would have been the biggest mistake. Tahoe Rim still to this day has been my favorite and most beautiful race I have ever done. Absolutely breath taking views, smells, and just pure bliss. The best aid stations, it just rocked.

My point to this story is, that everyone is different, and runs for different reasons. Some people like fireroads, and flats, while other people love single track and technical. What she didn't know about me and why I picked that particular race, was because my husband and I have a place there, and ever since before our kids were born we would go up there every weekend. It was our place to go. I have great memories in Tahoe, and it made it all so much more for me. So, please when deciding on a run its great to hear peoples points of views, (if they have run that particular run), but try to understand everyone's points of views are still so very different.

No creature feature on our run Sunday. :( Maybe this coming weekend when we the 25kr's are doing 6 to 8 and the 50kr's are doing 14 miles in El Moro. If it is closed from rain, we will send out another post as to where to meet. Normally we would go to Santiago Truck Trail, but they are having the OC Tri that day, so we better stay clear of there. :)

Birthday shout out to Jenn G. Happy Birthday! We missed you on Sunday!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recap 6 and 8 mile run on Santiago Truck Trail

Hey Guys- Awesome job on a few levels-- first for NOT getting lost when looking for Cooks Corner. On the other hand it was a tough hot day for everyone. We were pretty zonked for the rest of day as I am sure you were. We hope this was the last of this hot trend and we can resume to normal temps. On another note please don't under estimate mother nature. Always come prepared if your running 5,6,7,8 miles...

This Sunday- we will return to our roots- and run at El moro :) the 25k group will run 8 miles and the 50k group will run 10miles. We will be doing some single track running along fenceline and thru emerald canyon with a return down boomer- the weather should be nice and cool. Lets try to get going by 7am for the run. See everyone Sunday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Good Morning!
This is just a reminder that this Sunday we will meet at Cooks Corner at 6:45am then carpool about 1/4 mile up the road because there is limited parking... please arrive on time. The 25k group will run to the flag 6 miles and the 50k group will continue another 1 mile past the flag then return to the start for a total of 8 miles. On the return back to the cars it "mostly" downhill :) its one of our favorite runs and we can't wait to share it with all of you.
Here is the address
Cooks Corner-
19152 Santiago Rd
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679
See ya Sunday

Monday, September 20, 2010


We wanted to take this time to acknowledge Tom, Amy, Korrin, Donna and Skip for their help at our aid station at Chimera 100k/100 mile- thank you so much for your hard work and effort. It was awesome that we were all there for the runners and helping them through a difficult course and the weather elements. Thank you!

Well, we have officially begun our new class and new session! I am so excited to see everyone again, and begin the fun! I fell like I am beginning again and starting my training over from scratch from the last class since I was so sick. It is hard to get back into the swing of things. Which brings me to my first important topic...

We had mentioned that we might want to start the 50k and 50 mile class earlier than the 7am class when we are running more than 16 miles. After reviewing the race's and talking about it, we have decided to do just that. Let me explain why since I know some of you were not keen on this. The whole reason we "should" be going to bed early, waking up early, testing out our food prior to our training runs, wearing whatever outfits we are going to run in, eat whatever on the run, and ALL of that, is to prepare you for your RACE day! Most people cannot just go out and run a Marathon, or a 50k, and especially a 50 mile or more without proper training, and that includes all of the above. The race director isn't going to wait for you to wake up and start the race at 10am because you were out partying the night before. All of this training is for you to accomplish your goal of running your goal race. For the 50k'rs, Northface race starts at 7am, that means being at the race at least by 6am to get what you need and be ready to run by 7am. For the 50 milers running Avalon, the race begins at 5am, which means getting up however early to start your routine and be at the starting line at 5am to run. We do not want to torture you, we simply want to prepare you to do your best. Pete and I used to start at 5am, so for me, i was getting up at 3am, so we thought 6am was a good compromise. :) This way too, we can get a few more miles in and meet the 25k'rs and all be able to run together as a whole group.

Moving on...

Great turn out today, I am so happy to see everyone and WOW, everyone is doing awesome! I am hoping you returners welcome our newbies and get to talk to everyone and make them feel welcome, which I know you all will! Our family is growing, and it makes us so happy, you have no idea. I am sorry we were a bit tired from this weekends activity, I know I didn't show it, but I truly was so happy to see everyone. Everyone looked so strong and fit! We are going to have a great class!

Some of you got your goody bags today, don't forget, but your training plan and Catalina Marathon entry are inside the Hammer catalog for safe keeping. Please stick to the training schedule we have prepared for you and your goal race, and when filling out the Catalina Marathon entry, remember to turn it in to me because we get a discount on the Marathon. I have to turn them all in together. Also, make it out for $15 less than what the original charge is. you should have gotten your buffs as well, with some goodies. We have some Snails Pace coupons that they graciously gave us to use, but will have to hand them out at the next class for you to use.

For next weekend, I would like us to meet at cooks corner to carpool up to Santiago Truck Trail which is just up the street, but no parking (that's why the carpool). We have a 6 miler, and this is a great get in shape, booty kicker run which i know you are all prepared for. You will need more than 1 bottle of water. You will need something to eat at the turn around such as gu, or gels, or chomps, and also some electrolytes. Please if you have it, just bring your packs. Lets just start getting that training in now. :) Trail shoes are best, and most of all, your happy smiling faces for me to enjoy. :)

Great job today! I cant wait for our first Creature feature!


Cooks Corner-

19152 Santiago Rd
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

View Larger Map

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunday run new location

Just as a reminder Tmr's run will be at Bruegger's Bagels in RSM, at the same time of 7am for a nice 6 miler. Please be prompt and ready to run by 7am. 
Brueggers Bagels
Rancho Santa Margarita
22361 Antonio Parkway, E110
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Fall Trail Running Class

I am so excited to have started a new class on Saturday! It was great seeing some new faces, and getting to see some familiar faces as well. I hope everyone will be able to make this coming Sunday's run so everyone can meet.

This Sunday's run will also be at Bruegger's Bagels in RSM, at the same time of 7am for a nice 6 miler. Please be prompt and ready to run by 7am. Everyone's weekends are busy, and some people have limited time schedules. Speaking of which, when the runs start to get longer, we are going to start the 50k'rs at 6am for a quick run, then meet up with the 25k'rs so we can all finish off together. :) Let me know if there are problems with this, and we can try to work it out. We are also planning on some travel dates so we can run other trails! We are going to try to get those dates to you so you can plan accordingly.
Brueggers Bagels
Rancho Santa Margarita
22361 Antonio Parkway, E110
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

I am getting your goody bags together for those of you who have paid, and will have all of your stuff for you this weekend except for your shirts. We will talk about this in class on Sunday.

Its Hammer Time

Hey Guys- now is the time to get your order in. If you would like some HEED or Gels please respond to us today- we can place it first thing tmr morning and perhaps we can have it in time for Sunday's run...

Thank you,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Friendly Reminder- New Class starts Saturday

Hi Everyone- I hope you have enjoyed the last few off since our race. You should be resting and gearing up for this weekend. We will be meeting this Saturday at 7am only because we had a prior commitment with our Snails Pace group running the Santa Monica 5 and 10k race. Otherwise all of our training runs will be on Sunday at 7am. Please feel free to invite friends that might be interested in our program. The 25k group will run about 4 miles and the 50k group will run 6 miles. The training plan and goodie bag will be handed out to those members that have paid. We will go over the whole 13 weeks prior to our run and answer any questions you may have. We are really excited about this weekend. Lets get this party started.

Here goes the details again-
$125 Program fee includes 13 weeks of training (50K trail training plan).
$175 Program fee includes 19 weeks of training (50 Mile trail training plan).
Both Programs include:
Cool Technical Shirt
Swag Bag
Discounted shoe coupons from The Snails Pace

$99 Program Fee for Returning Members for 13 weeks (50k trail training plan).

$149 Program Fee for Returning Members for 19 weeks (50 Mile trail training plan).
Both programs include:
Swag bag
discounted coupons from the Snails Pace

Location: Coastal Peak Park is at the corner of Ridge Park Road and East Coastal Peak. Taking the 73 toll road exit Newport Coast Drive making a left until you hit Ridge Park Road. Turn left on Ridge Park Road and follow it up the long hill until you reach East Coastal Peak. If you don’t want to take the toll road you can access Newport Coast Drive from E. Coast Highway or Bonita Canyon Road. MAP to Coastal Peak Park in Newport Beach

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun Run Part 2

Labor day is just around the corner and I was thinking of doing a exploratory run this Sunday out in Chantry Flats. This is a 10 mile loop with lots of hills and will serve as a good training run for the northface challenge.  Before considering doing this run please note it will take about half a day…the basic outline will be as follows. 5:30am meet at Snails pace in Laguna Hills Carpool or Meet at 6:15am at the starbucks on the 57fwy and Imperial. We will then take the 57fwy to the 210 west exit Santa Anita Blvd. The run should take about 2-3hrs, then after there is a cool bagel shop in the city for coffee and other yummies… we should be back in OC by 1pm ish… If you are interested in this adventure please email me back and I will send you more details. If you can’t make it we’ll catch up on Sept 11th when we start our new class at El Moro. Here is a video clip of what the trail looks like at Chantry…

AC Crew 100 Recap

As you guys know we had front row seats to crew experienced  ultra runners last weekend. The weekend started Friday morning at 9am then driving to the race start. If you ever been to Mt High its around there in Wrightwood. Its a small town with little or no cell coverage- Both Lorraine and Marisa gave us their race day game plan in terms of meeting points, the food they wanted, drinks etc...
The race started at 5am on Saturday- we went to see them off and we had 2hrs to meet them at the first aid station 7:15am- we packed the car and started the adventure...part of our game plan was to find good parking next to the aid stations. We observed other crews and solo runners with no support. We wanted to make sure they had what they needed, things like wind breaker- it was windy, aquaphor for their lips, sunblock, refill their water bottles, and making sure they ate their food. This continued throughout the day about every 1 or 2hrs...
Another part of the game plan was to get rest throughout the day... on one hand it was a great experience to to see how the runners mood would change from station to station. Observing how they bonked, or fumbled (jay or tom) and how the top runner zipped in and out of the aid stations. Marisa needed someone to pace her from mile 50 to 75. There was an option of splitting up the run between Corrinne and I. I opted to run the first 6.5miles then Corrinne had planned to run the other 15 miles. Marisa came into mile 52 feeling sick and had been vomiting since mile 36...she wanted to try to continue. Physically she felt great, legs were fresh, feet were blister free :) but her stomach could not hold anything. It seemed like every 5min we would stop to regroup. My main concern at the time was to get here to the next aid station safely and talk to a medic. The medic did not seem to have any good suggestions other than her vitals were fine...Marisa made the right decision to call it a day. There was no way to continue another 40 miles without eating... so at around 11pm we drove down to the city to continue our last crew meeting point which was around 3:30am... On our way down the mtn. we were following Loraine's husband Bruce aka Zippy because he drove soo fast... anyhow he hit a rock and got a flat tire... we did not know how to use the jack so we all stared at each other for a few min trying to figure it out so Zippy was reading the car instructions... it was soo funny.

Once we were set up at the last meeting point we all tried to rest for a few hours then at around 7am we went for breakfast then waited at the finish for Lorraine- she finished at 1:40pm.

This was a fantastic road trip experience and we look forward to getting Marisa healthy and to go back next year to finish the race. Congrats Lorraine for you fine finish.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday Fun Run with Vikki

Hi Everyone- there will be an optional run this weekend with Vikki at El Moro- she will lead you in a pre-run stretch and run some easy trails. For the post run Vikki will lead you in a awesome yoga moves. Please be ready to run by 7am and please bring plenty of water for your run...

As a reminder-We would also love to have some testimonials for the website with your cute photos next to them if any of you would like to volunteer.

see you next week.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BULLDOG 25k and 50k Ultra Runners

Congratulations to all you trail runners! YAY!! Everyone did such a great job on Saturday! I know you are all so proud of yourselves! I have to say I had such a great time.

Our journey started by picking up Vikki and Korrinne, and having Vikki nervous about the race start and time, and Korrinne getting car sick. It was very exciting! We have a very funny story to tell.

Getting the 50k'rs off was so much fun. I loved seeing everyone excited and ready to go before the race.

Donna, Linda, Sue, Vikki, Yolanda, and even Jay decided to join in on the fun just a little late for the start...:)

Then the 25k'rs start...Esteban and Dave passed us right away, we knew they would.

Then Korrinne, Elizabeth, Pete and I ran together until the last 2 miles. They did great, and we had such a fun time singing, and climbing "mostly" uphill, and running "mostly" downhill. :)

We had the best views didn't we? Now, if we could have just had the weather we have been having in El Moro the past 13 weeks, that would have been the best! You all did great!

Coming in and then being able to see Rocio finish, then Alayne, and Cyndy, Tony was awesome. I hope you all had a great experience and I hope you all learned something too.

Something most of you didn't get to see was the 50k'rs finish. It got so much hotter, and they all did so great! It was 104 degrees out there, and believe me not an easy course. You should all be proud. Vikki came in and i think she said 6th in her age group. She is an awesome rockstar! Then Yolanda, whom most of you met there, and will meet during the new session. Then Donna and linda, and they were rockin' it. Then Jay, who Finally mastered the 50k, and looked great doing it, and then Sue with 1 minute left to spare! It was really awesome to see all of you out there running along side her, waiting with her diet coke, and cheering for her at the OC Trail Tales finish line! She did truly appreciate it! Thank you.

Pete and I are really proud of everyone. Whether you ran the race or not, we are really proud and honored to have you in our lives to share what we love. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

We would also love to have some testimonials for the website with your cute photos next to them if any of you would like to volunteer. Just let us know if you would be willing to have your face up for the world to see. :)

If you are not coming back for the new session, please know we will miss you very much and would really like a check in every now and then to see how you are doing. Also, it would be nice if you came out and did a run with us. We wont be able to live without you, so you will have to keep us informed of how you are doing.

The new session officially starts September 11th, and it is a Saturday. It will be the only Saturday we meet, and then it will always be Sundays. We are really looking forward to all the newbies, and have a few new trails to share. We will be having a couple travel days, and will let you know in advance so you can plan the dates. We are looking forward to this, and are excited to share these beautiful trails with you.

For this coming up Sunday, We will be pacing our friends for their 100 mile race called AC 100 miler. We are looking forward to that, and can not wait to help and cheer, and do whatever we can to get them through their big race. You all still have that opportunity as well with Chimera 100 miler coming up September 18 and 19th I believe. I do have a few of you that have volunteered, but could use a couple more.

We also have volunteered for Los Pinos, and that is a shorter time commitment, and can use your support as well. Now that you have been in a race and have seen the volunteers and what it takes for one of these races, for the even longer races, it is even more important. It really takes an ultra runner to help too because they know what to look for and how to help (hopefully). So any help anyone can give, is awesome, and we all thank you.

In closing collectively as a group a strong bond has taken place in a short span of 13 weeks. I recall our first group run at Peters Canyon- we started our run at 7:07am because nobody was chatting... as everyone started to get comfortable our start time increased to 7:18am hmmm mmmm.... a few guests have shared with me after our run on Sundays that they felt a strong sense of connection between everyone. When we started this program that was our goal, and to enjoy the freedom of the trails. The feeling of empowerment after a 14.4 mile or 27.3 mile training run does create character and gives you a better idea what your body can handle. I must say I am very impressed on everyone progress thru this program.

As for Skip, Natasha, Jeremy, Jenna, and Tom- we wish you a speedy recovery. And we look forward to seeing you come back out when the body heals.

Congratulations again to everyone, and Thank you for everything!

O ya we are working a javiers lunch or dinner gathering details will be posted soon.

Corrinne and Pete aka, Ma and Pa

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Good morning!

Just a few notes before this weekends race. I know some of you are getting a bit nervous, because it is your very first trail race. That is totally normal!! YAY! A bit of nerves is great to get that adrenaline going. :) Hopefully some of the things i am posting will help you calm a bit, and get you prepared.

Please start packing today if you haven't already done so. Things you might need...




clothes for before, and after

xtra socks


gu's or gels

heed or other electrolytes

salt stick


flip flops for after



aquaphore for your lips

chaffing bar or sport shield

blister shield

keniseo tape or knee bands

electrolyte pills

snacks for after


this is just a sample list. Hopefully you have things layed out and can visualize what you will need for the race,and or drop bags. Also, what are you going to wear after? Are you going back to the hotel, or are you driving home? Pack accordingly.

Some of you have read or heard that you may get lost because of ribbon changing. Yes that does happen, i am not going to lie. I have been lost. Pete has gotten lost. Skip and I got very lost in Oregon, and i think we were in the 28 mile zone, and it is very frustrating. Please get a map of the course, and listen to the race instructors instructions in the morning. If you have gone a couple of miles without seeing a ribbon, or anyone, you are probably going the wrong way. There are not too many places you can get lost on this course, but it can happen. They sometimes mark courses the night before a race because they start so early, and hikers and bikers think its cute to re-route us runners sometimes. NOT cute! Pete and I will be there, and we will be counting heads. We will come looking for you if we think it has been too long. You probably have nothing to worry about. Just don't follow Jay. :) Just kidding Jay! :)

Carpool...Everyone should know how they are getting there and back, if you don't, please call me.

Like I said before, we will be there, cheering for you, and we will come and get you after our race. We will have some goodies, and yummies for when you are done, and I hope everyone has a fantastic day! Everyone is going to do great! Stay within yourselves, and run YOUR race.

If you have any questions or any other concerns, please feel free to blog, email, or call us. :)

See you Saturday!!!