Saturday, March 22, 2014

Monday March 24th Spring Session Sign ups!

Spring is here and that means the new session is starting and we will be getting back to basics! I have gotten clearance to walk, but that is all i am allowed to do right now, and it would be totally awesome if i had some fabulous friends to walk with who are either just getting started, or recovering to keep me company. :) I will also be writing everyone's training plans based on their needs and races and making sure your all on track, but the physical things i will leave to the other coaches right now. 
We will of course have our fabulous coach Peggy leading our off the couch group, who will be training for their first 5k to 10k. 
Coach Pete will be training our 10 milers on up to 50 miles, along with helping coach Kim with the Triathlon group. 
I hope we will have everyone come out to start their training session, get their new years resolution finally started, see old friends, or continue their training! We will be meeting at Laguna Hills Road Runner at 6:00 pm, have a quick run while we set up, then have our sign ups. We will of course be giving out raffle tickets to the people that sign up, along with an OC Trail Tales Shirt, goody bag, and of course Dos Equis beer to take home! 
The new session will start Monday April 7th at 6:00pm at Road Runner Laguna Hills, and you will all have access and information to the private calendar at that time. 
We are all really looking forward to the new session and seeing everyone in the daylight! (i am just looking forward to getting out of the house!) I hope to see you all Monday March 24th!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More light!

Daylight savings has come and with it, more light! We can ditch the headlamps and run longer in the evenings! YAY! I know we always look forward to this time of year, because that also means we can go other ways on the trails longer and summer is coming!

We have a new session starting soon, and sign ups will be on Monday March 24th, we hope to see everyone there to get their beer, prizes, and goodies! Its always so much fun.

Congratulations to everyone for their first 5k's, 10k's, half an full marathons, and first ever Tri's! You guys are so inspiring! You should all be very proud of yourselves for accomplishing your goals! I know we are all proud of you!

Don't forget we have our first races coming up soon. Our first one for Autism is April...  and you can sign up for it here... The second is in may and we are raising funds for breast cancer, and the third is in June for SIDS.

There are three events in total this year, and they are all for a great cause! If you are unable to walk or run, we would love for you to come and volunteer.

Thank you guys for all your support in everything we do, and i will be seeing you all soon!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Personal Story

I thought off and on about this subject and of letting everyone know or not know, and after talking to a dear friend of mine, she has encouraged me to write about and tell my story in hopes that it will encourage some or all of you to get tested!

In the summer of 2013, i was taking a shower and discovered a lump in my breast while doing a self check. Which by the way, i never do, it was just a thought i had to do it. I remember doing a long run with our students, and it happened to be some of their first long runs ever of 26 miles on the trail. I confided in my student/friend Rhoda on the long run of what i had found, and was encouraged by her to go get my mammogram. Well, i had known i had an appointment coming up, my yearly and i did not want to be a drama queen, so i was going to wait. It was just a couple months away.

Weeks went by and i still had not been checked, and Rhoda reminded me each time i saw her to have it checked. i finally did. They called me back that afternoon, (which is never a good call) and i went back for more testing and a biopsy. The biopsy led to my first surgery, a lumpectomy in October.

After recovery, the next step was to see an oncologyst, a cancer Dr. I did so, and my options after having A Typical Ductal Hyperplasia (thats what they found and removed), was either 1., do nothing. 2., Tomoxofin (a drug for 5 years). or 3., double mastectomy (which is to remove your breasts and breast tissue. I chose that day in the oncologysts office number 3. My mother has had breast cancer to this date 4 times, and i was going to just get rid of these things because i did not want to go through the pain she has for over 30 years. It is a tough decision for one to make, but for me was the only one.

I had my surgery Monday Feb 24, 2014. I have to say the most painful thing so far i have experienced. But i think the training of ultras has really helped me to endure and deal with the pain. I have also had the most supportive, loving, awesome group of friends and family, just oozing love, and i am totally overwhelmed and love you all, it is so awesome, and really helps me, you are seriously SO amazing and awesome!

So, i went in for one of my follow ups this past week, actually on Monday, and my surgeon gave me the good and bad news...Bad news, "your pathology showed you had DCIS in the same left breast, DCIS is a ductal stage 0 cancer, a new lump that had progressed since the A typical Hyperlasia". Good news..."we got it all and your cancer free!" "Its a good thing you removed them." It is amazing, because had i chose to take the tomoxofin, number 2, i would have started that day, and maybe had a check up in 6 months. By then who knows what stage the DCIS would have been.

I am relieved and recovering now. It is hard to sit a do nothing, but i know now i have plenty of time to live after i recover.

Thank you Keira for keeping me strong, and remembering why we are here. To encourage each other in every aspect of our lives. Please Please if you have never done so, please get a mamogram, give yourselves weekly breast exams, catch this early! Keira tells me that when i told her, she, our friend Pam, and our friend Molly all got checked! So awesome! Good girls! Remember, men also get breast cancer, please know your bodies, and your intuition, listen to yourselves.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support. Thank you Pete for just being my rock, and being totally unselfish and taking care of me round the clock. I could not do this without you.

So know that if i have not been training hard with you guys, it is not because i did not want too, and i will be back as soon as i can, but it will be a long slow recovery, but i will be back with you. For now, it would be so awesome if you could all put your positive energy on your training, and train together. This weekend is daylight savings, and with that is more light! Take advantage of the light at night, and know i am thinking of you! Help each other, take photos, and keep me posted. Its going to be a great year!