Monday, February 4, 2013

Your running journey with OC Trail Tales

We are off to a running start this new year!  Congratulations to everyone who just finished Tinkerbell, Surf City and Ray Miller 50/50!  You guys are amazing!

You have all been training really hard for your races and  it is so awesome to watch you all transform. Some of you just did your first 5k, or 10k! Congratulations for taking your first steps into the running/racing world.  It can be a bit intimidating and scary! Road races are huge, and everyone at packet pickup looks like a professional runner! Awesome job, you have succeeded in your journey. Some of you just finished your first half marathon. I know a year ago you would have not even believed it if i told you where you would be in a year.  Great job! I hope you are all having fun on the ride.  I know we are enjoying every minute.  For those of you completing your second 50k, Congratulations! You are machines! You have taken those first steps, enjoyed your ride along the dark side train, and are continuing to enjoy your journey.  I am happy to be along for your ride as well.

Thank you all for being the best! We are so proud of you guys, and love helping each and every one of you reach and attain your goals in running.  You are all so awesome, and we really couldn't be more happy and blessed to have a running family like you.

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  1. So happy to be a part this awesome running group! Everyone is so friendly, supportive,inspiring and the coaches are the best!