Saturday, March 22, 2014

Monday March 24th Spring Session Sign ups!

Spring is here and that means the new session is starting and we will be getting back to basics! I have gotten clearance to walk, but that is all i am allowed to do right now, and it would be totally awesome if i had some fabulous friends to walk with who are either just getting started, or recovering to keep me company. :) I will also be writing everyone's training plans based on their needs and races and making sure your all on track, but the physical things i will leave to the other coaches right now. 
We will of course have our fabulous coach Peggy leading our off the couch group, who will be training for their first 5k to 10k. 
Coach Pete will be training our 10 milers on up to 50 miles, along with helping coach Kim with the Triathlon group. 
I hope we will have everyone come out to start their training session, get their new years resolution finally started, see old friends, or continue their training! We will be meeting at Laguna Hills Road Runner at 6:00 pm, have a quick run while we set up, then have our sign ups. We will of course be giving out raffle tickets to the people that sign up, along with an OC Trail Tales Shirt, goody bag, and of course Dos Equis beer to take home! 
The new session will start Monday April 7th at 6:00pm at Road Runner Laguna Hills, and you will all have access and information to the private calendar at that time. 
We are all really looking forward to the new session and seeing everyone in the daylight! (i am just looking forward to getting out of the house!) I hope to see you all Monday March 24th!

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