Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunday May 30th

Pete and I are so excited to share the trails with you on Sunday! A couple of things...

The Bulldog applications... dont send them in, we have to send them in as a group to get our discount, so when you have filled it out, and have your check, give it to me, and I will send them all in at once. Remember the race director is going to pull one from the pile to get a free entry! YAY! So we all have a shot at a free race!

Shirts...I have everyones shirts! YAY! I think Tony and Rocio, you are the only ones I am waiting for to order your shirts! So we should be a good looking group!

Dont forget there is free yoga at Lulu Lemon at 9:30am in Newport after our run for anyone who wants to join us!

I will have goodies for everyone to snack on as well after our run. I would like everyone to focus on nutrition begining now. So eat before the run like you would do before a race, and lets talk about it during our training this Sunday! I will bring some samples, and it might be good for you to bring whatever it is you like to use as well. If you dont know, then lets chat. Pete and I were also talking about doing a group order for product to save on shipping and all, so let me know Sunday who is in for that too.

Great job everyone, I hope your training has been awesome this week!


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