Monday, September 20, 2010


We wanted to take this time to acknowledge Tom, Amy, Korrin, Donna and Skip for their help at our aid station at Chimera 100k/100 mile- thank you so much for your hard work and effort. It was awesome that we were all there for the runners and helping them through a difficult course and the weather elements. Thank you!

Well, we have officially begun our new class and new session! I am so excited to see everyone again, and begin the fun! I fell like I am beginning again and starting my training over from scratch from the last class since I was so sick. It is hard to get back into the swing of things. Which brings me to my first important topic...

We had mentioned that we might want to start the 50k and 50 mile class earlier than the 7am class when we are running more than 16 miles. After reviewing the race's and talking about it, we have decided to do just that. Let me explain why since I know some of you were not keen on this. The whole reason we "should" be going to bed early, waking up early, testing out our food prior to our training runs, wearing whatever outfits we are going to run in, eat whatever on the run, and ALL of that, is to prepare you for your RACE day! Most people cannot just go out and run a Marathon, or a 50k, and especially a 50 mile or more without proper training, and that includes all of the above. The race director isn't going to wait for you to wake up and start the race at 10am because you were out partying the night before. All of this training is for you to accomplish your goal of running your goal race. For the 50k'rs, Northface race starts at 7am, that means being at the race at least by 6am to get what you need and be ready to run by 7am. For the 50 milers running Avalon, the race begins at 5am, which means getting up however early to start your routine and be at the starting line at 5am to run. We do not want to torture you, we simply want to prepare you to do your best. Pete and I used to start at 5am, so for me, i was getting up at 3am, so we thought 6am was a good compromise. :) This way too, we can get a few more miles in and meet the 25k'rs and all be able to run together as a whole group.

Moving on...

Great turn out today, I am so happy to see everyone and WOW, everyone is doing awesome! I am hoping you returners welcome our newbies and get to talk to everyone and make them feel welcome, which I know you all will! Our family is growing, and it makes us so happy, you have no idea. I am sorry we were a bit tired from this weekends activity, I know I didn't show it, but I truly was so happy to see everyone. Everyone looked so strong and fit! We are going to have a great class!

Some of you got your goody bags today, don't forget, but your training plan and Catalina Marathon entry are inside the Hammer catalog for safe keeping. Please stick to the training schedule we have prepared for you and your goal race, and when filling out the Catalina Marathon entry, remember to turn it in to me because we get a discount on the Marathon. I have to turn them all in together. Also, make it out for $15 less than what the original charge is. you should have gotten your buffs as well, with some goodies. We have some Snails Pace coupons that they graciously gave us to use, but will have to hand them out at the next class for you to use.

For next weekend, I would like us to meet at cooks corner to carpool up to Santiago Truck Trail which is just up the street, but no parking (that's why the carpool). We have a 6 miler, and this is a great get in shape, booty kicker run which i know you are all prepared for. You will need more than 1 bottle of water. You will need something to eat at the turn around such as gu, or gels, or chomps, and also some electrolytes. Please if you have it, just bring your packs. Lets just start getting that training in now. :) Trail shoes are best, and most of all, your happy smiling faces for me to enjoy. :)

Great job today! I cant wait for our first Creature feature!


Cooks Corner-

19152 Santiago Rd
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

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