Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recap 6 and 8 mile run on Santiago Truck Trail

Hey Guys- Awesome job on a few levels-- first for NOT getting lost when looking for Cooks Corner. On the other hand it was a tough hot day for everyone. We were pretty zonked for the rest of day as I am sure you were. We hope this was the last of this hot trend and we can resume to normal temps. On another note please don't under estimate mother nature. Always come prepared if your running 5,6,7,8 miles...

This Sunday- we will return to our roots- and run at El moro :) the 25k group will run 8 miles and the 50k group will run 10miles. We will be doing some single track running along fenceline and thru emerald canyon with a return down boomer- the weather should be nice and cool. Lets try to get going by 7am for the run. See everyone Sunday.

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