Friday, December 17, 2010

Looking Ahead

As the end of the year comes to a end we look at what we accomplished, and we look forward to the new year. It's at this time we start creating new goals or milestones for ourselves to have that feeling of accomplishment.

Since Northface we have been resting and wrapping up our snails group goal race, Make Room for Santa which was held last Sunday.

As of now Whiting is Closed :( sooo sorry guys so we will not run at 7am...

Since we will not be meeting please keep us updated on what you have been up to and your plans for next year. Everyone has been truly inspirational and has had a positive impact on the Trail Tales.

As we look ahead here are some some races to consider as you are planning next year. We have partnered with Book that Event in hosting training run for the OC Chili Series. The Chili series is a 4-5 mile trail run held in O'Neil Park. The races will be held 2/12, 3/12, and 4/12- We will be hosting training runs on Saturdays at 9am! Yes, 9am for those that love to sleep in. You can expect to run for about 1hr :)

For a longer distance consideration- you may want to check out Leona Divide- There are plenty of awesome choices to pick from. 50 mile, 50k (30mile), and now 30k (18.6mile), this course is amazing... if you love single track runs this run is for you. This was my first 50 mile race- I would like to share with you my race recap with highlights from the race from my point of you. Also here is incomplete video of collection of photos from the time we started training together.

You can expect several new things in the next session- Several running opportunities to connect with the group during the week. We will be hosting group track workouts on Wednesday, Saturday runs at 9am (short distance) and Sunday's at 7am for the long stuff.

We will also have a few speaking work opportunities on Jan 26, at REI Tustin and the 27th at Huntington beach at 6:30pm :)
You can view most all this and more on our public calendar

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