Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The problems of falling

Hi Trail Tales!

This past weekend, we had something we have forgotten all about...The SUN! I was so taken with how green everything was from all the rain we have been getting, and chit chatting away, that I was trying to avoid a landslide/gap/rock, and went falling down on my hand-helds! I thought right away that something was wrong, and well...I broke my thumb. :( I am in a fill up to elbow cast, and will be out for 4-6 weeks, hopefully not longer. So...coming from someone who falls A LOT, please be careful out there. Pay attention to your footing. While chit chatting and looking at the beautiful landscape, still pay attention to your footing, and wait and stop to observe such beautiful landscape! :)

Sue, Pete and I had a great Snails Party to attend that evening, and so here are some very handsome photos of us. Don't we look so great?

Chili group, O'neill is still unfortunately closed, they are hoping 1 more week will do it, so we will meet at Brueggers again, and take on the same dang hill that took me out! We have a full 60 minutes to train, and Leona Group if you want to meet us on Saturday you have 8 miles. :) By the way Chili, you are doing great! How are you feeling? Do you notice the difference between street and Trail?

Leona Groups, we have 15-16 on Sunday for the 50 mile group and 12-14 for the 50k group. Unfortunately, El Moro is going to be closed for awhile, so we will be back at Coto this weekend. Next weekend is a rest week, and i am hoping we can go up to Chantry?? I am sorry I couldn't make it out on your run this past weekend, my thumb was throbbing. :( Great job on your first "long run"!

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