Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

Good morning OC Chili and Leona groups! This past weekend we had another fall :( the good news is, that there were no broken bones :) The OC Chili Group is doing awesome- we all are very impressed with everyone's enthusiasm and active participation.

This Saturday lets meet behind the gates of Coto near the General Store- please respond to this email this way I can add you to the list. Here is the link to the general store its really super easy. http://goo.gl/maps/Xi58

For Sunday's Leona Group run- its our first field trip of 2011. We will be heading out to Chantry, one of our favorite runs! We will meet at 5:55am at Starbucks (57fwy exit Imperial) when you exit the fwy go directly across the street in the parking lot. Everyone will do 1 loop of 10 miles. :) It should be a great weekend for this, and remember it will take a good portion of the day to drive there, run, and drive back. :)
Here is a map of Chantry and our Run Route. Estaban, Yoli, Kristen, and others I encourage you guys to come out and play...

Everyone should have received their goodie bags- Corrinne and I put a lot of time and effort putting those items together... they are there for a reason... please take the time to review the material such as the salt stick sheet...this is for you Tom Bychowski! You can take one per hour during your activity. You can go to www.saltstick.com (use "SS_PTC15") for a 15% discount.

Moving on to the Little Red Book this is for Elizabeth, and a few others I won't mention any names hmmm maybe Alayne! Its okay to eat and drink on the runs folks :) running 20 miles and only drinking 20oz of water and having a few Clif shots along the way is NOT a good training strategy. If you lost your little book here is a link.

Please feel free to review the 10 Biggest Mistakes Athletes Make... see how you score :) Then please review 15 Simple ways to Improve your performance now. You will be tested on this and put on Probation if you fail- just ask Korrin. :) Have a great rest of the week.

Happy Trails,

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