Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taper Time

This past week both groups have been very busy building speed or miles, and in some cases both. This week we decided you all need a break and to taper some before either your race, or building back up again. We have been hearing a lot of knee pain, aches, and sore bodies. Let's bring it down a notch this week! I am sure you are all happy to hear that! :)

Recovery and tapering is very important. Refueling your bodies and letting your muscles get recharged again really is something. Stress and your recovery from it makes you stronger.

We will not be there.Peter's group, you guys have this week and then next week is your last race! WOW! For this week i think doing the short cut at a very nice easy pace would be perfect. :) or if you want you can meet at El Moro at 6:30am and Run with Donna for 7miles.

Saturday and Sunday's Group...WOW...we put in some miles hugh? 14 on Saturday, and 18 on Sunday. I am sorry we missed out on Saturday at El Moro, we had 10 on the street for Disney Half Group for Snails Pace. They all did great btw, but it was hot still so i can not imagine how hot it was in El Moro. Harding was great going up but the way back was HOT HOT HOT! I have to hand it to our newbies in the group...Ann, Connie, and Julie came out for their first time and did awesome! Good job ladies! Everyone did exceptionally well in the heat, and you all deserve a big pat on the back.

Creature Feature this week is this nasty rattler Donna and I first came across, then accosted Pete and Elizabeth a bit later! He was nasty!

Have a great weekend everyone, I am still debating but thinking I will be attempting my first full Ironman distance at Vineman this weekend! I will give you a full report when i get back. :)


  1. Where's the snake?

    Are you not meeting on Thursday night at Peter's? The Peter's group info. confused me. :)

    Donna (not anonymous)

  2. Donna (anonymous) :) the Peters canyon group is still meeting, just we wont be there since i am going up North to attempt Vineman. They are on their own. Sue is in Kilimanjaro, and you will be working. :) They know what they need to do, and we will remind some of the students tonight at track to let the others know. Thank you