Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Amazing Holiday Week and Weekend!

Where do I begin this week?! It seems as summer decided to show up and boy is it here! Is everyone hot enough?

Last weeks Peter's group did awesome! We had a great easy run of the course and we took the short cut back. Everyone did great! This week is the #2 race, so remember to come a bit early for a good parking spot, and again Pete and I will have our booth up, some come look for us! Show your support of your peeps, and where your OC Trail Tales shirts! :) You guys are going to ROCK the course again! I cant wait!

Sunday was awesome! I was so happy to see our alumni students, and run with them for our first training run of the season! Mt. Disappointment, Noble Canyon, Leona Valley Trail series, Griffith park, and Chimera await us YAY! We even had a couple newbies try the course. Ann and Connie, you guys did AWESOME! Great job! That is not an easy first time run, and especially 10 miles of it. :) This Sunday we will meet at Cooks Corner at 6:15am will run 16 miles up Santiago Truck Trail to Old Camp and back. Please bring your hydration pack and 2 handhelds. See you bright and early Sunday.

Monday Pete and I went out to volunteer at the YMCA run in the parks event, and saw a lot of friends! Everyone did great there too. It was especially hot since the run didn't start until 8:30! Great job you guys! Michelle Barton totally ROCKED it and got first woman! We knew she would :)

Tuesday we went to crossfit in RSM. It was my first time, and I know a bunch of the students. Guess what guys? You did AWESOME! Another HOT event in a gym doing burpees, and weights, running jumping! I love the fact that we can get together on an off night, and you guys come out and we can all work out together! Shows me a lot of love. :) That was hard, as MA says, "im not gonna lie", that wasn't easy. Pete and I will be there every Tuesday night for sure, and you guys are all welcome to come out and try it if you have not yet. They are giving everyone the first time free, and then a discounted rate for the rest if you want to sign up. (i am a bit sore in the arms today.) :(

Have a great week everyone! See you tomorrow!

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