Monday, November 21, 2011

A New Adventure for OC Trail Tales!

Pete and I have some very exciting news! We are excited to tell everyone that as of January 1st, we will have officially moved over to Road Runner Sports in Laguna Hills. We have been with Snails Pace for a long time, and as a lot of you know, trying to juggle our own jobs, coaching for Snails, and coaching for our own OC Trail Tales, and although we are sad to leave Snails, we open a brand new big door with Road Runner sponsoring OC Trail Tales and welcoming us in their house. Our partnership with Road Runner will include various in store events such as Travel nite, and T-Shirt Quilt just to name a few...

We will be offering the same schedule since we are so used to it, of Monday nights at 6pm at our new location of Road Runner Sports in Laguna Hills to run the bike path. Wednesday nights at 6pm at El Toro Track for track workouts, Saturdays at 8am at different locations tbd, and a new Sunday class at 8am on trails tbd for trail running and lots of fun!

We will have sessions you can join through out the year, but the best part is that if you come to Road Runner December 15th at 6pm and sign up and pay that evening, you will get any of our sessions for 50% off! That's right, a 12 week off the couch, 12 week 10k program, half Marathon, Marathon program or trail program for $62.50! You have to come that night, and you have to sign up. RSVP Here. We will also have raffles and a couple free sessions to give away. Road Runner is hosting a VIP night that night as well, and will be having 20% off in store purchases, and fun things as well.

We are both so excited to start this new adventure and focus on OC Trail Tales and you.

See you soon!

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