Friday, December 16, 2011

Welcome new members!

Welcome all you OC Trail Tales members! What a great night we had last night at Road Runner and their special VIP event. We had a lot of fun! We want to thank all of you who came out in the snow, (which i conjured up for you guys):) We know the traffic was hellacious because of the weather, so thanks for dredging through that for us.

Thank you to Tom and Amy for our beautiful balloon display, they did an awesome job! You can visit their website for more fabulous things they do if you are planning a party. Thank you again, and Happy Birthday to the both of you!

I am really excited to start our new session January 9th, and cant wait to talk with everyone and begin the new year! Pete and I are really looking forward to that. I hope you are all excited as well. If you have not done so already, please go to our meetup page and sign up, its free, so you can see or calendar. I will try not to blast you every 5 seconds. :) It will give you a good idea of what and when we are doing things, to keep track of your schedule and the workouts/races.

If you would like to come out and swim on Tuesday, please rsvp on the meetup so we know who to look for, and who to put in what lanes. Please bring water, electrolytes, maybe something to eat for after, a towel, change of clothes, and bathing suits are required too, sorry. :) You may also need goggles, swim cap, etc...
For those of you running LA Marathon, you guys have 16 miles this weekend. :) Fun, fun! There is no long Trail run this weekend. :(

Happy Holidays!
Have a great weekend!

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