Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How far you have come!

I cant believe we are already at the end of our first winter session! You all have done so incredibly well! I have some before and after photos, and just can not believe my eyes! Not to mention, that some of you have done your first 5k's, 10k's, half Marathons, Full Marathons, Ultras, and Triathlons! You have gotten personal bests, and some of you have shed a few pounds as well! I think you should all be very proud of yourselves and your accomplishments you have attained in 12 weeks! WOW!

This is our last week of the session, and our new session does begin on Monday April 2nd. We have a few new things we are introducing, like our point system. Please, when you are checking in with me at an event or training session, make sure i write down your points next to your name. This is how it will work...

1 point for wearing our hat
1 point for wearing our shirt
1 point for coming to a training session
1 point for every mile during a race...5k = 3 points, 50 mile = 50 points, triathlon by mile as well.

by the way I will also deduct points...
2 points for wearing other club logo clothing
2 points for bad behavior (negative talk)

I will have a spreadsheet with everyone's points, and at the end of every session the top 3 individuals with the most points will win prizes. Remember this is for fun, and to motivate you to do your workouts and keep on track.

If you don't have your beautiful orange Road Runner/OC Trail Tales hat, please see me, maybe you didn't get your goody bag when you signed up. Maybe you have not signed up, then when you do, you will get your hat and goody bag. If you need an extra hat, they are $12.00, and if you would like a very soft comfy silk OC Trail Tales shirt, they are $25.00, i have them always at training sessions.

Speaking of the new session, we have new members, and its always nice to introduce our coach's....

Kim Degen is our Ambassador, and coincidentally she will be our "walking" Coach, and helping all of you that are not quite ready for our "off the couch" program. Kim Started with me back in 2009. She is awesome and has had many accomplishments such as 10 half Marathons or so, 4 Triathlons, including her recent International distance, and would like to do her first Half Ironman next year! She has also since i met her lost 74 lbs! Way to go Kimmy!

Peggy Loveless is our "off the couch" Coach, and Peggy has been with us now for about the same time. Peggy has had many accomplishments as well, and i think her biggest one for me is her getting over her fear of the trails, or whats on them (bugs and critters). :) Peggy was not a runner, but has become one, and has run several races now, and even some on trails, which she never thought she would do! We are so proud of you Peggy!

Donna Reed is our "Ultra Marathon" Coach. Donna was a Marathoner, who decided to try trail running, and fell in love with the trails. She has since completed several 50k's and two 50 mile races, and i am sure that a 100 miler is next! Donna is an awesome runner, and i hope you will all get a chance to run with her on the trails.

I think you all know Pete and I, but if you would like more info, you can go to the "about us" or Coach's tab on our site, and read up. :)

Again, we are so proud of everyone, and proud of our coach's to get you guys to where you need/want to be for your goals. Thank you for being such great athletes!

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