Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Races races and more races!

OC Trail Tales have been busy little athletes the past couple of weeks! Last weekend was Hollywood Half Marathon

This weekend was the last of the OC Chili race series

And yesterday was Tri Events, Bonelli park Triathlon!


ClassOverall RankOverall TimeClass RankGender RankSwimT1BikeT2Run
Corrine WallaceF40-442201:41:56125310:452:5656:15:001:5130:09:00
Kim DegenF35-392822:10:24118912:122:451:05:052:3047:52:00
Traci TurnerF45-492892:22:21159420:485:431:11:223:3840:50:00
Connie VisconteF60-64971:52:2133514:076:2248:24:003:5239:36:00

Women Rock!We may be called OC Trail Tales, but we have a little something for everyone! Road, Trail, and Triathlons! :) Great job everyone! You are all racking in the points, well done! Not only are you all working hard towards your goals, and doing SO well, but we have a podium winner now....Connie Visconte won 3rd place Sunday in her Tri! Great job Connie! Connie has recently learned how to swim, and how to ride a bike! AMAZING!

I had a great time at each event with all of you, and am looking forward to even more! You guys really just amaze me!

This weekend we will be at Shady Canyon on Saturday morning. It will be hot, so please dress accordingly, and bring water and electrolytes for your run. Stay Hydrated! We will have a run for the running groups and a bike for the Triathletes after the run, sort of a reverse tri. :)

After our workout on Saturday, Edge Cyclesports will have some bikes for us to try out, for those of you wanting a new bike at a discount.  If you have not been to Edge yet, they are a fantastic place to get all your Tri needs, and very friendly and easy to work with.  Directions...
23561 Ridge Route Dr,Suite JK  Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Sunday, we are starting at 7am because of the heat! Please bring your hydration packs if you are going more than 4 miles. We will be doing part of the Whoo's in course, and i will be working some of you. Make sure you bring nutrition, and wear light clothing for the heat...Moisture wicking, etc. Prepare for 7 to 10 miles. You will also need salt tabs/electrolytes/gels, maybe a buff to wet at the ranger station, to cool you down if it gets too warm. We will be doing hills. :)

Great job you guys!

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