Monday, April 23, 2012


 Everyone has been building up on their training and doing a great job! If you are training for OC Half or full, Cinco De Mayo, Laguna Hills Half, Whoo's In El Moro, Holcomb Valley, or training for a Triathlon, you have been working hard, and putting in the miles.  It is hard to balance training, working, and family, and not necessarily in that order.  I commend you all for your efforts.  Especially having to deal with Pete and I pushing you harder and harder each week. Great job! If you feel you are struggling in your training in any way, let us know so we can come up with another plan specifically for you.

What if you don't have anything to train for? Email us let us know so we can figure out a race you may want to do.  Here are just a few again to help you figure out your next move...

May 2012

June 2012
  • June 21st- Peters Canyon Trail run #1
  • June 24th- Breath of Life Ventura Triathlon
July 2012
  • July 12 Peters Canyon Trail run #2

Aug 2012

Sept 2012
There are soooo many races, just let us know what you are thinking and we can ad it to the list!

Remember our schedule...

Monday nights at Road Runner laguna Hills at 6pm for road running
Tuesday nights pool swim in RSM
Wednesday nights at Shady Canyon
Thursday nights are for our Triathlon students only
Fridays are off
Saturdays at Shady Canyon
Sundays at El Moro usually

Everything is on Meetup, and you can RSVP there...

Have a great week everyone!

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