Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Race Weekend!

Well another week has passed along with another great race weekend! Congratulations to Kim Degen and Michele Neri for completing their first Olympic distance Triathlon, OC Triathlon right here in Mission Viejo!!! Awesome job you guys! 

We started off very early in the morning so we could get our spots in transition and get all of our things organized. We saw lots of friends and got to take some photos. 

It was great seeing Hank from Edge Cyclesports there helping out! Edge Cyclesports is a great support for OC Trail Tales! We Thank you!

Kim was the first to go off in her age group.  Here is Kims time...

22 Degen,Kim 125 39:38 1:51:27 1:37:13 4:08:19.7 478

Awesome job Kim! We are so proud of you!

Michele Neri and I were the next wave, and here is Michele's time...

34 Neri,Michele 309 49:54 1:55:59 1:22:37 4:08:32.2 480

 Michele did  a fantastic job for her first time! Congrats Michele! You ladies rock!

I wish i knew my time, but they unfortunately had timing issues.  Hopefully they will get resolved.

Pete too had a good race, instead of doing the Triathlon, they had a 2.5 mile swim/race that he decided to do.
He also did a fantastic job, but like me, they had timing issues that did not track him.  :(  We are proud of you though
Pete, and how unbelievable to swim that far and without a wetsuit! Great job!

I cant wait to hear all about everyones races next week! We have Fountain Valley Tri, and Laguna Hills Half Marathon!
You guys are keeping us very busy!

Great job everyone, and a big thank you to MaryEllen and Connie for coming out and cheering us on! That was
great to see you guys, and put a big smile on our faces.  :)

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