Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amazing Athletes!

Well May certainly has been busy for everyone! There seems to be a race every weekend in May!

Congratulations to everyone who ran the OC  Half Marathon and Cinco De Mayo Half Marathon! I can not believe the fantastic times everyone told me they did! I know some of you ran for fun, but some of you went out to get a personal best, and you succeeded! Here are your results...

Ann McQuiston...2:29:16
Bonnie McElroy...1:59:32
Joel Lomboy... 2:03:05
Maryellen Musgrave...2:32:23
Michele Neri... 2:26:34
Patricia Alcantar...2:54:34
Tiana Lefmann...1:59:31
Yuki Kashiwabara...2:31:04
Mike Urratio...2:07:48
Tom Loveless
Amy Loveless 
Barbara Skelly and Estela Rossitto ran Cinco De Mayo! 
Some of you i could not find times, so shoot them at me! We know you did it tho, and are proud!

Whoo's in El Moro results...

Russ Ryness...2:58:17
Diane Majerski...3:04:07
Darlene Piltingsrud...3:05:56
Kelly Broberg...3:07:31
Alayne Cortes...3:37:36
Cindy Laty...3:37:36
Yuki Kashiwabara...3:44:23
Keri Moffitt...4:19:43
Connie Visconte...4:41:44
Ann McQuiston...4:41:45

Congrats you guys! You all did amazing! 

It was really great to see you guys wearing your hats, and shirts, but i especially like the tattoos! Awesome job you guys! Now i just have to remember to scrub the tattoo off before i wear dresses! my mom thought i got a real one, of myself on my leg this weekend! HA!

For the folks that have not raced yet, you are also doing an amazing job with all of your workouts! Your points are adding up and i am so excited to see who will have the biggest total! 

We are so proud of you guys and all your accomplishments. All your hard work that you are putting in yourselves is paying off! Great job!

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