Monday, June 11, 2012

First Trail Races

Congratulations to all the first timers this weekend! 

Kathy Stern has been training for quite sometime now for her race with her daughter at Camp Pendleton.  She has been working hard and has been a bit worried i would say about the "hill" in the race.  I want you to see what she wrote after her great race...

"Had a blast at the Mud Run!  I did it easily thanks to your training and support.  I really did it!  When it was over, I said, "is that it?" 
I didn't have any problems at all.  Walked up the steep parts to save energy.  My daughter and her friend treated me like I was 90 years old making sure I didn't slip and fall.  Great time.  Hope some of our team members will join me next year!"

Congrats Kathy and Diane! Awesome job! 

Holcomb Valley Race

There was a bunch of OC Trail Tales represented at Holcomb Valley this weekend in Big Bear.  Everyone had a blast! We stayed at a nice place called Robinhood Inn Resorts, where everyone had a different a unique room.  Very cute and i would stay there again.  I think Greg got the most unique room, and one might call the "honeymoon" room. 

We had a few people run their very first 7 mile race.  Jesse and MaryEllen! Awesome job Ladies! You guys are fantastic! Kim also did the 7 miler, and got 2cd in her age group! WHOOT WHOOT! Great job Kimmy, you make us so proud! :)

We also had a first time 15 miler, and Greg busted it out! Way to go Greg, i guess your room got you fired up! :) We are expecting great things out of Greg. Greg also said that he felt better after the 15 mile trail than a 13.1 road.  Awesome!

Darlene, Yuki, Connie, and Patty and I also ran the 15 miler.  Everyone did a fantastic job! It is a very technical trail, that we dont really get to train for because we just dont have the rocks on our trails like that, and or the altitude.  You all should be very proud of yourselves.  I know a few of you took a tumble and fell a couple of times.  I am so glad you are okay! Way to pick yourselves back up and rock the course! I hope you all had a great time, and are ready to do it again next year! I did also run this amazing  15 mile course once again, and am proud to say i got 1st place in my age group! :) 

A big shout out to Yoli for running her very first 100 milers at San Diego 100 miler this weekend! Congrats Yoli! You are amazing! I can not wait to hear your story of your weekend! 

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