Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Endless Summer-Swim-Bike-Run

Where has the time gone? We have been super busy lately! Is it the Summer, and kids being off, or are we running and doing a lot of events?

Most recently, we have our final results in for Peters Canyon Series #2! The lucky winners are...
 In First place in her division...
Tiana!!!! 1st place with a time of 41:50 and 20th overall. (that's fast y'all)
Lisa Guedes took 3rd in her age group, with a time of 50:02 and 72cd overall. (still fast)
Grace L. was 5th in her age group, 57:04 was her time (lightning speed)
Connie took 6th place in her division with a time of 59:21! (she is getting faster everyday, you need to watch her)
Mary Ellen and Diane M. took 7th in their age groups, Mary ellen with a time of 1:00, and 
Diane 47:53! Way to go ladies!
Roxanne was 8th in her age group with a time of 1:07!
Jessie was 9th in her age, with a time of 1:09! (they were chasing each other)
Bonnie flew in at 46:40 9th in her AG!
Russ came flying in at 43:21
Joel chasing Russ in at 44:13! Awesome!
Darlene with a time of 48:49
Greg zooming in at 45:46
 Rhonda chasing Darlene came in at 49:17
Lauren L. coming back strong with a time of 50:54
Lisa W. and Michele N, came in hand in hand at 54:50
Yuki breaking records at 57:46
Than cruising at 1:04
Poupak at 1:08 chilling
and Kelly enjoying her run at 1:12!

by the way, did you guys know that Lisa G., Grace, Connie, Mary Ellen, Roxanne, and Jessie are all in the same age group! Watch out ladies! You have competition! :) Did you all know you were competing against each other? 

You guys ROCKED IT! unbelievable! Great job! 

For those of you who did not know, we do have a Tri group as well, and we had a fun little adventure on Saturday after our morning class.  We had what is called a "fun" 2 mile swim from Balboa pier to Newport pier.  :)  Kim, Elizabeth, Pete and Myself all did this.  This was Pete's 2cd time.  We all decided it would be fun to do, and to try to stay together while we did it as well, and we pretty much did.  Here are our times...

Pete 57th overall in his division with a time of 1:06:57
Corrinne 18th overall in my division with a time of 1:07:19
Kim 19th overall in her division with a time of 1:08:46
Elizabeth 22cd overall in her division with a time of 1:10:33

YAY! We did not get eaten by sharks! If any of you have ever swam with me in the ocean, you know it is very hard for me because i am so afraid of sharks. I did it.  :) It really was the most relaxing swim i have ever done in my life.  I almost fell asleep believe it or not.  

Beach Babe...

What can i say about beach babe? We all had a fun ride, not competitive at all, cruising the boardwalk on Sunday and having fun. They had a great amount of food at the aid stations, and it turned out to be a windy, but nice day.  A fun way to get some miles in and not feel to intimidated.

Great job Ladies!

We are really enjoying seeing every one's progress, but what really has impressed us over this year, is seeing how well you all are working together, and how you have all really embraced each other and become a family. We love the camaraderie of the group! Thank you for being the best students!

Corrinne and Pete

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