Friday, October 19, 2012

Field Trips and Races!

Wow, what an exciting month we are having!  I can not believe we are in the middle of October! I have to say, that i am having a great time running with everyone! I time really does "fly" by.

This past weekend, our Ultra endurance group and I got to go on on field trip to Griffith Park/Theatre.  It was most everyone's first time there, including myself.  :)  The group is planning on running the Half Marathon in November, and now probably the 10k as well that same weekend, and we were presented the opportunity to go to this training run, and have Keira, the race director be our personal tour guide for the day.  :)  she was awesome! We ran up to and saw the Hollywood sign, Bat caves (where they filmed the original batman and robin cave scenes), Ran to the Observatory, and saw LA from above! It was really and truly and awesome day for us all.  I was in awe the whole day.  We will be having more field trip days coming soon!

Sunday we had lots of our peeps running the Xterra Point Magu race.  Congratulations to those of you who went out and tore it up! You guys are awesome!

A special thank you to our volunteers at these amazing races...David G. for volunteering at Twin Peaks, Dancois for volunteering at Xterra, Marcy G., for volunteering at Leona.  Without volunteers we would not be able to run the races.  You guys make it all happen, and we appreciate you.  :)

Great job you guys! You make us so proud with everything you do.  :)

Corrinne and Pete

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