Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Timers

Congratulations to everyone who just accomplished their goal run this past weekend! You guys did a fantastic job!

We had Trail 5k first timers, Trail half marathon first timers, and Trail Marathon first timers, but not anymore! 

You got up early on weekends,trained in the hot summer heat, ran tirelessly, ate endless amounts of snot consistent gels, and it totally paid off, because you guys just completed what you set out to do! Congrats!

This past weekend was a real blast for us.  I really enjoyed being out on the course, and actually seeing everyone of you as you were heading back to finish! You all looked great, and fills my heart to hear that you had a great time. I loved seeing your loved ones come out and experience your "first time" with us. I think it gives them a better understanding of what you have been training for, and spending so much time with us for.  They were awesome!

We have so much more fun filled days ahead, and again am so happy to share them with all of you guys.  It has been a super fun summer, and i am looking forward to the winter months now.  :)  


RSVP to our Monday night store run at Road Runner Sports Laguna Hills at 6pm.

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  1. Wow! you guys are awesome and all superheroes. You trained hard, prepared smart through the guidance of the great OCTT coaches and had fun along the way. Love running with you guys, you're an inspiration.