Monday, October 4, 2010

Cooler Weather in El Moro

It felt great getting out for this weekends run and NOT having the sun! It was still sticky and warm, but at least it wasn't HOT like last weekend! Great job everyone! You all did an awesome job!

Those of you doing Catalina Eco Marathon, just a reminder that I need your applications, and I need to turn them in soon. The applications are in your goody bags, remember we get a $15 discount for the Marathon. If you haven't gotten your goody bags, its because you have not paid. :) You can bring a check this coming Sunday to the run. Speaking of Catalina, for those of you wondering what the course may be like, it is very similar to El Moro. The fire trails, single track and rolling hills.

I want to tell you all a story that most of you will understand why after you read the story...When I started running ultras and training, I decided for my first Ultra I would like to run Tahoe Rim. I will never forget the day of the race. I was all by myself there, and then ran into someone I knew. She said..."Corrinne, you are running this? Omg, arent you new to running? You sure know how to pick them!" I thought, hmmmm....what is she talking about? Well, as we started the race, I saw guys barfing after a few miles, and thought, ugh o, maybe there is something wrong, and I shouldn't have picked this one for my first. I ended up having a hard but very good race, and even though it took me 8 hours and 52 minutes or so, I enjoyed most everything about that day, and can remember everything about the entire race today. Had she have told me that before I decided to pick the race to do, I probably would not have done it, because it would have intimidated me, and it would have been the biggest mistake. Tahoe Rim still to this day has been my favorite and most beautiful race I have ever done. Absolutely breath taking views, smells, and just pure bliss. The best aid stations, it just rocked.

My point to this story is, that everyone is different, and runs for different reasons. Some people like fireroads, and flats, while other people love single track and technical. What she didn't know about me and why I picked that particular race, was because my husband and I have a place there, and ever since before our kids were born we would go up there every weekend. It was our place to go. I have great memories in Tahoe, and it made it all so much more for me. So, please when deciding on a run its great to hear peoples points of views, (if they have run that particular run), but try to understand everyone's points of views are still so very different.

No creature feature on our run Sunday. :( Maybe this coming weekend when we the 25kr's are doing 6 to 8 and the 50kr's are doing 14 miles in El Moro. If it is closed from rain, we will send out another post as to where to meet. Normally we would go to Santiago Truck Trail, but they are having the OC Tri that day, so we better stay clear of there. :)

Birthday shout out to Jenn G. Happy Birthday! We missed you on Sunday!

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