Monday, November 1, 2010

Sundays Whippings

Good morning Ultra Runners!

Okay, well to start off I would like to apologize to any of you who are severely slashed, scraped, and bloody from the trail yesterday. :) I look like i have been caned or something. We did not know that trail would be so overgrown as it was. I have to give everyone props for 1st showing up on time, and getting our early start in the brisk morning, and toughing out not only that overgrown trail from hell, but the brutal climbs it has to offer as well. It is not an easy trail. For the 25k'rs, you got in 12 miles! Awesome! For the 50k'rs who went to the bottom of the steep hill from hell to the river raveen, that was 19.2 miles total, and Esteban, Donna, and Kristen, you guys did about 21-22 miles. Great job everyone! I know it was a physically and mentally challenging day for everyone. You all did such an awesome job!

Our creature feature that popped out in front of Korrin! Way to go in spotting this bad boy (or girl)!

Also in our creature feature section, I did happen to come across a tick or two, on me! ewe! I even got to see some sort of Kitty cat scouching under the brush! Always awesome to see little mountain lions or bobcat! Another reason to stay in groups as well so we aren't alone when we do find ourselves face to face with the wild. :)

I hope during our runs on Sundays you are all taking advantage of doing the things you will be doing on race day. What you will be eating and what agrees with your tummy, what you will be wearing so as to not chaf or blister, burn etc. Building your endurance, not speed are the key things on longer runs. Speed should be dealt with during the week. Everyone should be working on their nutrition before, during, and after the runs! Really important. Hydrating and electrolytes, salt, etc. Please if you are not sure about something ask us, we may not have all the answers, but we will find out for you.

Speaking of nutrition and hydration, we need to place a Hammer order, if you would like anything please let us know by tonight so we can get the order in and hopefully by this weekend for you.

This weekend don't forget, we will be heading out to Chantry, one of my favorite runs! We will meet at 5:20am at Starbucks (57fwy exit Imperial) when you exit the fwy go directly across the street in the parking lot. Everyone will do 1 loop of 10 miles. :) It should be a great weekend for this, and remember it will take a good portion of the day to drive there, run, and drive back. :)
Here is a map of Chantry and our Run Route.

Thanks Guys, Great Job!

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