Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catalina Marathon

Catalina Marathon!

Wow, where do i begin? Our quirky house we stayed at, or the start of the Marathon that we missed? :) Yes, we missed the start of the Marathon! Can you believe it? We were busy taking pictures and so relaxed about the start that we missed it! HA! So...

It was a beautiful day! So clear that we were able to see San Clemente Island! Unfortunately though it was hot too! What is it with these hot runs? Man! The route was hard, it was hot, but the company was awesome and so was the views.

Our creature feature selection for the weekend was great! The best was the Bald Eagle that flew above Korrin, Pete and myself! On the way back on the ferry we got to see dolphins and sea lions. The Girabaldi were fun to feed on the pier as well!

I hope everyone had a great time, i really enjoyed our time together and getting to know everyone even more. It was alot of fun. Thank you for sharing your time with us. I hope you recap your weekend back with us so we can hear about your experience as well. I love to hear all about everyone's time, so please share when you get a chance. :)

For this weekend, Saturday can meet at Snails Pace at 12:00pm for those of you that are helping with Los Pinos. You can follow me or tag along in your car. We are scheduled from 1 to 5pm.

Sunday, we will be back at our old stomping grounds in El Moro at 7am for a 12 mile loop for all to enjoy on Sunday. :)

For the People doing Northface Endurance Challenge, It is coming up around the corner! I hope you have all registered for your race, and have made your hotel reservations. If not, please let me know, and I can make the reservations for your room for you, but you need to hurry they are selling out! The host hotel is already booked.

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