Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here is the Deal

I have awesome news to share with everyone! Not only is O'neill Park open but also parts of El Moro are open!

The plan is to run most, if not all of the OC Chili Race course Feb 5th- we will meet at our original meeting spot. (This is the meeting spot of the OC Chili Run (Link) . Getting There- Take Santa Margarita Pkwy make a LEFT at Avenida De Las Flores. Make a Left at El Camino Montana parking will be along the right hand side just a few blocks.)

For the Leona Group- I know Donna, Tom, Vikki, Cindy, and Alayne will be running Surf City Marathon- good luck! Donna will leading the 4:50 marathon pace group.

So count on being at El Moro Feb 13th for a long trail run... and keep Feb 27th open get your Hall Pass now for the Leona Training run. The 50 Mile group will run a mock 50k route, and the 50k group will run some portion of the 50k I believe like 18 miles... it will be fun... lets hope for great weather. As the date gets closer we'll coordinate a group carpool.

From this weekend we had a few adventures to share. First, almost all of our new runners from the OC Chili group purchased new trail shoes. Everyone had a positive experience, its amazing to feel the grip going up and down the hill. Apryll had a fantastic run charging up the hills in Coto De Caza.

I met with the Leona Group for our field trip to Chantry Flats- I wish I had a picture of Tom's face when I showed him the mountain we were going to climb. Both Donna and I had an ongoing competition of trying to keep our feet from getting wet from the water crossings... I believe I won :) I saw that Donna slipped on a wet rock and got her shoe soaked... then I also slipped and got my toe wet... it was a fun little game and more importantly nobody got hurt.

Thumb update- Corrinne is going to the doctors this week for another x-ray, lets hope that it is healing correctly, and she wont need surgery.

We are looking forward to getting back on track at our training locations both at O'neill and El Moro. Thank you for being very accommodating.


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