Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whoo's In El Moro May 14th 2011

Hi Guys!

I wanted to take a minute and remind people about a great race that is coming up in May. Not only is it a fabulous race in our own backyards, but the race director happens to be a great friend to Pete and myself.

Her race is called Whoo's In El Moro, its May 14th, and it is a 50k. Its basically 1 loop one way, with a couple little cut thrus, and then back. What our friend Molly is offering the Trail Tales, is also a 25k option. YAY!

So, if you have signed up with us for a different training plan, but want to do the race awesome! Let's get you signed up! If you want to join Trail Tales and you want this to be your training, you have lot's of time, (but we need to get started), and for this race only, $125 pays not only for your goody bag, buff and shirt, but your race too! What a deal! What are you waiting for?


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