Monday, March 7, 2011

Feelin' like Summer!

Wow, what a great weekend of trails! The weather has changed, and the sun is out in full force to make it feel just like a sweet summer day! Nice...

We started out Saturday with the Chili group and some old friends! We had fun starting the morning running through the water, and running the Chili race course. I saw lot's of activity... people riding their bikes, hiking, and lots of buzz! It was really nice being out there in the warm weather. Everyone did a great job!

For Chili Group this weekend, we have the actual race! We will have a Pop-Up tent down at the start/finish that you can bring your stuff and leave it there while you go out on your run. We will be there early, so feel free to come whenever!

Leona Group...Thank you so much for making my first run back on Sunday fun and bringing great weather! You were all so awesome, and stayed right on your target time! Everyone is going to do great! I cant wait!

Next week we have 22 miles, so we will meet again at Ridge Park @6:30am We will try to keep you on that clock, so fuel up well this week. Eat and drink well. Please try to drink at least 3 liters of water a day and some electrolytes since its been warm. Some great recovery food...Pastacchios, Samon, pineapple, sweet potatoes just to name a few. Its very important you recover well right now so you don't get the sickness that is going around, and you stay healthy to continue to train for your event. I know you already know all this right? :)

Awesome job you guys!
C & P

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