Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let's Get this Party Started

It is so awesome to run again! I have to say, I really enjoyed the run this past weekend since I have missed so much! I cant wait until we meet again this weekend! I was really happy to see our friends running the Rocky Road 100 Mile race in Coto De Caza. Our friend that we ran into Eric, finished his 100 Mile adventure in under 31 hours! Yeah!! One of these days, that too could be you!

The Leona Group had a fun filled adventure Sunday running 25-30 plus miles out at Lake Hughes. We started by meeting in Brea at 4:50am and driving to Lake Hughes for a 7am start. It was only 28 degrees at the start but as the day went on it did become warmer. Both Donna and Tom did fantastic... the run was very scenic and we were blessed with some snow :) the single track sections had a few inches of snow which made the run even more enjoyable... it really felt like Christmas.

Tom did get a little confused on the run and made a wrong turn and ended 8 miles away from the car. Luckily he ran into some other runners who offered him a ride back to his car.

This weekend we are going to head back out to O'neil Park for our Chili group. We have an hour and 20 minutes to run, so I think running the course would be great! Let's meet at this new location. Getting there: From Santa Margarita Pkwy turn on Avenida De Las Flores Make Left at First Light- Via Con Dios- Via Con Dios turns into Via Sosiego then turns into El Camino Montana..Park Along the side of street. You will see the entrance to the park. It would be great if some of the Leona group could come out and run with us as well to talk to the newbies about anything they are worried about. :)

We have a Birthday to celebrate this week...Happy Birthday Tom!

Also our very own Elizabeth has the Napa Valley Marathon this weekend :) Good Luck

I am also looking forward to my first trail run on Sunday with the Leona group! We will meet at Ridgepark to run El Moro. I cant wait! It seems like forever that I have been grounded!

The game plan for El Moro- Let's meet at 5:50am and start our 20 mile adventure at 6:00am Sharp! This will be a timed run with 2 loops (you should allow yourself 2:15-2:25 to complete each loop). We will track your start and finish time and how long you fumble at the car for the second loop... you should plan to be zip zip... We will provide Aid Station support at the car to get you out and going... We will provide maps prior to the run, and please carry your cell phone.

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