Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun Running!

Great job this week everyone!

We had another great Thursday run with our Peters Canyon Group, and everyone did awesome on your mock time trial! I am very happy to say we didn't loose anyone! YAY! We have some very speedy people, and now that I know how fast you are, I am thinking we could have a couple age group winners within our group! Awesome!!! I have all your times marked down and we can compare the next time we do a mock time trial.

I have never gone that route, I have always gone the opposite way. I have to say I think I like it better! :) We have a few other routes to take you through there, and you may get lucky this week, and we may change it up, so be prepared. :)

Holcomb Valley Group, boy did we get wet and muddy or what?! It has been awhile since I got to play in the mud and get high heels, I sure have missed it! It was actually great running weather. You guys rocked it too, and did a bang up job going up I Think I Can. Great!! It was really nice to see some Alumni members that we have missed so much, and hope you guys can come out and join us more often to catch up! :) Cindy I hope your boo boo hand heals quickly and you come play with us more often!

Next week for Peters Canyon, same time same place! Different route. :) Thursday at 6pm.

Next Sunday we have 10 miles to run, and thought the opposite of today would be great! It looks totally different going the other direction. El Moro Ridge Park at 7am!

Great job you guys!

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