Tuesday, May 3, 2011

UltraMarathon Weekend

What an amazing weekend for OC Trail Tales!!!

Yoli, Donna, Tom, Elizabeth, and John did awesome! We are so excited for all of you and so proud! YAY!! :)

They all faced elements of the wind and heat on the course, and were able to persevere.

We were able to capture and cheer for our group at the Mile 16 drop bag area. Everyone looked happy and in great shape. All of your training really paid off, and everyone was a total Rock Star!

We were able to see everyone finish the race. Words can not express the facial expression of our finishers. What an amazing accomplishment. It's astonishing how we can push the envelop on our bodies. Please rest this week, and next if you can, and really recover. Your bodies will thank you, and don't worry, you will not loose anything. :) We have a plan for your next 50 miler, don't worry. :) and btw...welcome to the club!

Don't forget to come out on Thursday evening at 6pm for a nice 5 mile training run! We forgot to raffle off the Xterra entries, and will do that this Thursday! :) YAY!

Sunday is Mothers day, so we were thinking rest week, especially for the New 50 milers! We have a new group starting for Holcomb Valley, and that will start training. If you are registered for the event- pls run this weekend on your own 7 mile trail run with some hills. We will pick up the group training May 15th with a 10 mile loop in EL Moro at 7am.

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