Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Our very own Coach Corrinne will be out this week and will be recovering from home- she has a bad sore throat. She should be back in action next week.

Last week our Peters Canyon Group had a great run on a new route... for a few of you this was your longest run ever! This week we have another 1hr 20min run... we will run the same route but in the opposite direction (clockwise). Sue will work with the other group on their route. I understand a few of you have half marathons on the books. So lets keep this run fun and social.

For our Holcomb Valley Group run 10-12miles on your own this weekend, some of you have a half marathon. If you are doing the Laguna Hills Half- be sure to stop by our tent at the finish. We will resume the following week perhaps to Mt. Baldy.

Please stay tuned we will be outlining several Fall trail races we have received several inquiries on what's next...you will have a full menu for short and long races :)

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