Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Families that eat together, stay together"

We had a great time with you guys Thursday night after our timed run at Peter's Canyon. I thought the BBQ turned out great,even though the turkey and veggie burgers were slow cooking. :) Thanks to Keri's husband Mike (The Fireman), who finally got those coals burning! Yum! Everyone brought great stuff, and i cant wait til the next cookout to see what you guys bring. We have been updating the calendar on the website, please check it out for our next BBQ and runs.Click Here.

Here are your burning hot times...

Becky 42:36
Tom 46.33
Juliana 52:09
Alex 52:11
Lauren 53:01
Kathy 54:18
April 57:02
Connie 1:04:15
Ann 1:04:15
Keri 1:04:25
Sue 1:07:04
Kris 1:07:10
Awesome job you guys! You all rocked it!! :)

A big Thank you to Jill, who came out to stretch you guys after your speedy work, Thank you Thank you! We love it when you come.

This week for Peter's Group, we will meet at Cedars Grove Park at 6pm for a fun 45 minute run. We will surprise you with the route.

For our Longer distance trail runners, yes we are calling you...We will be doing a 10 mile loop at El Moro. Meet at Ridgepark at 6:30am Sunday the 3rd for our back in action/first time run/training for Mount Disappointment, Noble Canyon, Leona Valley Trail Series, Los Pinos, Griffith Park, and Chimera.

Have a great week everyone!
C and P

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