Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New OC Trail Tales Session

Great job OC Trail Tales, on all your latest and greatest accomplishments, races, and prs! Everyone has really done great this season. I am so proud of you guys. :)

If you already didn't know, we just started our new fall session! We have a group that is doing 3 to 4 miles right now, and a group that's doing a nice loop around El Moro! Pretty soon, both groups will be able to go together!

The goal race for these groups is Xterra in December. It is a fun and awesome race, right here in our own backyard, and you all get the privilege of training there! What more could you ask for? We meet at 8 am Saturday mornings for trails at Ridgepark. You are more than welcome to come out and run streets with us as well on Monday nights at Laguna Hills Community Center, and Wednesday nights at El Toro High School Track for track night.

Once these groups have merged and want to go further, please feel free to come out on Sundays when we do our long runs. Right now we are gearing up for a few races! I need some help deciding on a 50 miler people...We have Avalon, Twin Peaks, Northface...Let us know which ones are your favorites! There are SO many to choose from! Of course we will be training again for my ultimate favorite, Leona Divide, but we still have time. :)

Happy Birthday to our own Connie Visconte! Connie, we love you, and we are so glad to have you as part of our Trail Tales Family. I don't know what we did before you came. Not only was Connie new on the trails, but she has becoming to be an expert, and she is gotten faster too! Great job!

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