Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Race Weekend Recap

Do we have some superstars in our group or what?! Pete and I are SO proud of all of you guys! Mt. Disappointment was a tough tough race! Guess what? Every single one of us FINISHED!

Let me just say that not everyone that started that race did finish, and 3 of our friends got airlifted, and or taken out by ambulance. I believe they are all recovered now and doing better, but it just goes to show that even experienced trail runners get the snot beat out of them, and it is very important to take the time to hydrate, eat, and take care of your needs. That is what all the training runs are for. Congratulations on a job very well done!

We started in the early morning meeting up at REI for carpool, and the nice drive up to Mt. Wilson. We made great time, and got to the race in enough time to get our race packages, get our stuff organized, eat and chit chat with friends. Before we knew it, we were off and running! It wasn't long before i didn't see Tom or Andrea anymore and we were headed down the first single track trail of ash all pluffing in our face and lungs. :) We all notice too all the purple poodle bush that was waiting to attack us and give us nice long lasting rashes/boils. I think so far we all avoided those purple poodle bush crack jobs pretty well, we will find out in a couple more weeks. (Ask me on a training run about those plants if you don't know what they are so we can make sure you avoid them.)

We got to the first aid station greeted by friends (Thanks Keira for putting on a great first aid for us!) and it wasn't long before Donna left Elizabeth and I. Well, we knew that was going to happen. :) Elizebeth and i spent the next 15 or so miles together, and saw Tom on our way. Everything was great. Talked and made some jokes, yelled at bugs that were trying to eat us, and take our water that we needed so desperately because it was scorching hot. Before we knew it we were climbing and climbing and climbing. We climbed a lot! Forever and ever we climbed in the hot hot sun and tried to stop in little bits of shade for breaks. Finally at mile 24 we knew we would see Pete and John (Elizabeths hubby), and we knew they would take care of us, and we needed it. We had soup and sandwich, redbull, re-slided, re-filled, and that is when Elizabeth and i parted. I probably should have waited for her because I was very lonely the rest of the race, and struggled through the hottest and most horrible part of the course. There was step sliding sand trails of ash, and so many river crossings i lost count, weaving back and forth from one side of the mountain and back, and then oh then the fun began of switchbacks from hell! Oh did I mention the waterfall we had to cross with just a loose chain to hold on too? Oh ya that was fun all by myself. :) The last 5 miles were the most difficult, but the best thing was even though i felt like crap and thought i was going to heave, everyone cheering for me at the end and as i looked up, I could see Donna, Andrea, Pete, John, and Marissa's face clapping and routing for me to finish. Thanks guys! Your the best!

When I tell you guys you did awesome, you really did, that race seemed harder than a 50 mile race, seriously. I do not think I will ever do that one again, but glad to get it done and off the bucket list. :) I will crew next time. Congrats you guys! Thanks for being the best students ever, and doing all the little nagging things we ask of you to do.

For this weekend, on Sunday, anyone who ran Mt. D is off and needs a vacation! Ma's orders! Please rest, take the time to catch up on something else restful or fun. Remember we have Noble Canyon coming up, and Andrea, you have Bulldog, rest! I don't want any injuries!

Saturday for the new group that is starting, you guys are meeting at El Moro at 8am, and there will be a 3 to 4 mile option and a 7 mile run. Coach Donna will be leading the way, as we have Snails Pace. We will however meet you back after your run, and I will give a little hydration pack clinic and what to keep in your pack for safety and your use.

Keep up all your hard work, it is paying off!

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