Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nice Smile

OC Trail Tales had a amazing showing last week at the final Peters Canyon Race Series. The results showed. Some notable results include Kelli- her first race time was 52:25 and last week she finished with a 50:01 Awesome job!
Another rockstar is our very own Keri...
Keri is the one with the tongue out... its been almost one year since her first 5k in Santa Monica... she has blossomed into a fantastic runner. She is in the middle of training for her first half marathon in Oct, she has rededicated herself by eating healthy and has joined Crossfit to enhance her training. We can see Keri completing her first Marathon/Ultra marathon by next year. Her results from the first race: 1:06 and 3rd race 1:02. A four min faster time... Congrats Keri! Keep up the great work.
Other peeps that had a great race include- Tom, Julie, Becky, Apryll, Patty, Connie and Ann and Yuki, who had her very first trail race! Don't forget there is another great race you can sign up for "into the wild" on Wednesday August 17th! You must sign up online, they do not do same day registration because the park does not allow money exchange. We are coaching that night, but maybe we can scooch over there to see you finish. :) You all have worked so hard and have done such a great job this summer! You should really be proud of yourselves! I know we are very very proud of all of you! Most of you did not have any experience on trails at all, and now look at you! You are all trail runners. :)

If you would like to continue your training, and continue running trails with us, we will continue having our shorter runs on Saturday at 8am at el moro email us back for details. Our next target race is the 9 mile or 3 mile Xterra Race in Crystal Cove Dec 11th. This is a fantastic race, the race organizers produce a quality race, you will not be disappointed. Our next scheduled run is Aug 20th at El Moro the meeting location is located at Coastal Peak Park. Our longer runs have been on Sundays, and will continue to stay that way. We have been training for Mt. Disappoinment 50k, Noble Canyon 50k, Chimera 65 miles/100miles, Northface 50kor 50 miles, Avalon 50 miles, Rock n River 50 miles! On and on, and as you can see there is no shortage of miles going on. If you are interested in running with us on Sundays, please let us know so we can see what fits in, so we can accommodate everyone. Whether we do 1 10 mile loop or 2, and have you try out one of them. :) If you are ready to do a longer trail run and have the miles built up, come on out and try us out. We love the company. Thanks for being such great students! We have really enjoyed this summers session. I cant wait til next summer again! :)

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