Friday, September 16, 2011

Noble Canyon

Hi guys!

Just a reminder that this weekend we have Noble Canyon 50k, so we will not be having class Saturday or Sunday. Saturdays class is meeting at the community center in Laguna Hills to do a 12 mile run, of course those of you who dont need 12 miles, can always modify that.

Everyone is doing an awesome job, and i really like how the new class is coming along. I do miss seeing all the old students though, so dont be shy, come out and join us next weekend for some fun at El Moro on Saturday, you can show the newbies the full loop! :)

Next Sunday is Orangeman Triathlon, and we are really looking forward to getting our hands dirty, and learning how hard it is to put on a race. We are always looking for volunteers, so if you are so willing to give your time, you would be greatly appreciated, and you even get a free shirt! :) Let us know and we will mark you down. We need people from 8am to 5pm for the run course, so whatever time you can give would be greatly appreciated. We have a great OC Trail Tales site.

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