Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Orangeman Triathlon

Hi everyone!

Pete and I would like to thank everyone that came out and took time out of their very busy schedules to help us this weekend at Orangeman Triathlon. We know that your time is very valuable, and coming down to help out at very early times in the morning, until late afternoon while you have other things and priorities means a lot to us, and we so appreciate it! Thank you Thank you! The athletes appreciate it as well, and it really would not be a good race without the help form everyone. You all did a fantastic job!

This weekend we have the race in San Juan Capistrano on Saturday, so be there bright and early! Connie also has a race going on, called Relay for Life, so if you have time, please go on down to El Toro High School and support her and her efforts to raise funds for this fantastic cause. I believe it is for 2 days, both Saturday and Sunday, and they walk through the night?? (Connie, maybe you can respond and let everyone know) :)

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  1. On behalf of Spectrum Specialties/Promo People I would like give a quick run-down on this year’s events and invite back the past members to sign up J

    This year’s 24 hour Relay will be held on October 1st through the 2nd at El Toro High School once again. However, this year it will be on the track at the school, which is on the back side off of Serrano.

    We invite you all to come and join the Opening Ceremonies that start at 10am, when they let doves fly free and we will all walk a lap while holding our team banner. There will also be breakfast burritos supplied by Baja Fresh at this time.

    During the day we will be having a snow cone machine as one our fundraiser and a couple of games going on. (We have working hours open for any high school students that may need community service hours.) Please contact Mary at mary@spectrum-specialties.com

    Throughout the day there will be a kids corner with fun games and activities for the kids to do, bands performing, a silent auction, and much more. Lunch will be provided by Outback Steakhouse for a $3 donation.

    If you can’t make it down until the evening then we encourage you to be a part of the Luminaria it’s a beautiful tradition that the Relay has. Small bags are sold throughout the day and you can decorate the bag with a loved one’s name. The bags are then placed around the track with lit candles. Last minute request: If you have a picture of your loved ones that you would like to be included in the Luminaria Slide show, please forward the picture in .jpeg format to: deesprimont@cox.net by this Saturday, September 24th.

    Dinner will be provided by Baja Fresh, after dinner our team has the “Dessert Bar” again! Marci Visser made the wonderfully tasty cookies for our Cook’s fundraiser and has offered to run the Dessert Bar for us this year. Please email her if you can donate brownies, breads or cupcakes. Marci’s email address is marceesdelight@yahoo.com

    The late night snack will be pizza provided by Big Shots & Billiards.

    As you probably know the Relay would like that each team has a member on the track at all times, they understand that this is not always possible, but if you have not joined the team and are able to come down and join us in walking please click on this link: Relay For Life it’s free and easy! J

    Most meals are provided free of charge however please support these great restaurants with donations for the Relay.

    It’s going to be a fun day! We look forward to see you all there.