Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Race

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to post a couple of photos and say what a great time we all had going up to Noble Canyon and spending the day running there. Donna, Tom and I all finished and got some quality miles in! My feet are pretty messed up with blisters and bruised toes, i think i may loose half my toenails, but other than that, i feel good. Pete was a great support all day, and was able to get to most aid stations pretty easily. So If ever you want to do a race, this is a tough, but beautiful course. We can either get cabins, or camp, and would all have a fantastic time!

For this weekend, Saturday...You guys will meet at 8am and start from Ridgepark to do a 9 mile (ish) course. There will also be a shorter course option.

Sunday we will be at Orangeman, so no class! Hopefully most of you will be with us volunteering, and you can run with runners handing out water to get your miles in. :) HEE HEE!
Please wear your OC TRAIL Tales shirt for the Aid Station on Sunday if you are volunteering.

Have a great week!

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