Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Desert Tri March 3rd and 4th

Hi everyone! You are receiving this email because you have once expressed an interest in training for a Triathlon, and or we have talked about you doing Desert Tri. Desert Tri's registration goes up on October 31st, and the deal i have with him is to register my people before that for a discount. Your training will include this registration, but for the discount, i need to register my people now, so if i could get a headcount of everyone doing or not doing this training series, that would be great. Just send me a yes or no, and if at all possible if you do plan to do this training with us, if you could put down a deposit now so i can start getting registration, jerseys, goody bags,training books, etc...that would be awesome! We can split the payment up and i do take credit cards, but there is a 3% fee on top of the credit card that they charge me. Email me back for details, and also, we still need to do swim evaluations, and such this month and next. Desert Tri is March 3rd and 4th, 3rd is the Sprint and the 4th is the International which is what Sue and I are doing.

Also there is Relay Option for your consideration.

Regarding starting from scratch when it comes to the BIKE:
You want a bicycle that fits you and is in good working order. This can be a road bike, a mountain bike or a hybrid. You can use a TRI Bike if you have access to one but not necessary.

Thank you!

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