Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting back to trail running!

It seems like forever that i have seen anyone, and i know its only been like a week or so, but i am dying to get back out on the trails with you! First of all, congratulations to everyone on their Long Beach Marathon finish's! YAY! I am so proud of you. :) We had some experienced full marathoners and half marathoners, and we had brand new half marathoners! So congrats! I hope you are recovered from that hard road, and ready to hit the dirt this weekend!

Saturday we will meet at El Moro at 8am up at Ridgepark for a 4 to 9 miler or so. You have never done lizard, and it is a fun one, so lets have the longer mileage folks go out bommer to lizard down to the other ranger station and up willow back to bommer and the cars. The shorter mileage folks can go out bommer down lizard to the intersection and up willow back to bommer to the cars. Please remember to bring plenty of water and some nutrition for during the run. Hydrate the day before, and it is probably a good time to start wearing layers. It does get cold in parts of the canyon, and if you need to stop and wait for anyone, you could get chilled. :)

Sunday lets get a 20 miler in or so and meetup again in El Moro for a couple of fun loops. Lets do the 12 mile loop over to the ranger station at Nix center, and then decide on the next loop. :) I am thinking the 8 miler. Lets meet at 7am with plenty of water and nutrition. You can meet us for 1 or both loops, please come prepared. :)

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