Monday, October 3, 2011

Trails and more trails!

You guys have been busy busy running I hope! The last few weeks have been a bit crazy, and it does not seem to be letting up much at all with upcoming races for everyone! Last weekend we had a great new race called San Juan Capistrano Trail race, and Pete and I had our Snails class do this for their goal race.  Everyone did an outstanding job! Some Trail Tales were there as well to represent, great job Kimmy!  We had our booth, and saw lots of familiar faces, and Pete and I took home some hardware! Pete got 3rd place in his age group, and I got 2cd place in my age group and 3rd woman overall!  :) YAY! I am liking the smaller trail races! :)

Since the Snails group has ran their first trail race now, and we dont have class on Saturday for Snails, I have invited them to our Trails on Saturday morning in El Moro.  They can do a short easy loop (4 miles), and you veterans can do a nice 8 to 12 miles!

Sunday is Long Beach Marathon, so that is were we will be that morning.  No Trails class that morning, maybe Sunday afternoon or evening we can get together for a quick 10 or so.  :)

Dont forget to come out Mondays with us at the Community Center for some road, Wednesdays with us at El Toro track for a track workout, and pretty soon for swimming and biking to gear up for Desert Tri! We will start doing evaluations on a 1 on 1 basis to see where you are and what we need to do for you individually.  Email us to let us know your time availability for a swim session.  :) We have wetsuits provided Xterra for you for you to try on. We are looking forward to working with everyone.

Have a great week!

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