Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our new Triathletes!

Some of you may not know this, but we have a Triathlon Group we have been training, and 6 of them just attempted and then accomplished their very first Tri! Way to go you guys! You all did SO amazing! I am so proud of you guys! Here are your results with the exception of Cristina's. For some reason, they are not posted or Cristina, you are listed as an alias! :) We will try to see what happened, I know you did it!

5th in her age group, Connie!
7th in her age group, Tracy!
10th in his age group, Brandon!
11th in his age group, Randy!
14th in her age group, Elizabeth!

We soooo wanted to be there, but as you guys know, Pete and I were getting USA Track and Field certified all weekend! We only had time for a 45 minute lunch each 12 hour day. We missed being with everyone all weekend, but the classes were well worth it, and we learned a whole lot some of which is still marinating. Because of the classes, we will be changing and restructuring a few things, so bare with us as we do so. I think you will all like what we have in store for you.

We have a new Ambassador of OC Trail Tales.... KIM DEGEN! Way to go KIM! I know Kim will represent us well, and we are so proud of Kim and what she has been able to accomplish in her life. We love you Kim.

This week we are back to basics, and are going to be watching your posture and form! Wednesday track should be tons of fun as usual! Saturday should be very nice, please remember to bring your water and nutrition. We will have runners, and bikers on the course so please look out for each other. Sunday we are back to our trail in El Moro, and I am so excited! Please bring water, and I will have nutrition there for you before and after.

Please check and rsvp to the Meetup page. If you have not signed up you can go here... and do so.

We also have a new point system in play. Please ask us about that, we will be very happy to fill you in, and by the way guys, im keeping track right now! Learn how to get points, and or get points deducted!

Great job you guys! We are so proud of everyone!

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